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Fall Demo 2003*
We're Not on A Lable (2004 LP)(IND)*
Look it up! (2006 EP)(IND)*
(* = Radio Airplay)



Consult Webster's, or your favorite role-playing geek, and you'll learn the definition of Celerity as speed or rapidity of motion. Other sources, like this computer screen (or piece of paper, depending on your medium) will define Celerity as three twenty-something musicians playing energetic, inspired, and dare I say original, punk rock.
For the most part, Celerity's influences lay in the hunch punch of punk, pop, and metal that was 90's alternative rock. Bands like The Offspring, The Melvins, and Rancid all contributed to the band's style, which made these kids gross standouts in a Savannah, GA scene dominated by screamo and metallish hardcore acts. Their energetic performances and dedication to the younger crowds, always booking all-age shows where all-age venues were hard to come by, earned them respect from their colleagues across genre-lines. Outgrowing their home town after a year or so, the band picked up stake and relocated to Athens.
Sonically, the band has been compared to early Nirvana and the Offspring. Show-goers have compared their energy to that of Rage Against the Machine and Motorhead. When asked, they would compare themselves to Kylesa or Showbread, along with a long list of Savannah bands that you have never heard of, due to their unadulterated love of music, and their conceited, 'I don't really care what other people think' attitude.
Outside the music, their general attitude is one of dedication and hard work. In their short career, they have booked two national tours, without a label or booking agency of any kind. They have close to as much studio experience as many of the major-label bands with which they've played. Recording in Savannah, Atlanta, Seattle, and Nashville, the boys are pros in the studio.

some facts...
...formed in Savannah in 2003.

...has a unique melodic punk-rock sound with influences
of early nineties metal and alternative rock.

...Ownes both a very reliable "tour van" with a trailer, and are not only willing to
travel but look forward to it.

...has completed two self-promoted national tours,
playing shows in, among other cities, Jacksonville, Dallas, San Diego,
Seattle, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and New York City.

...has been compared with Rage Against the Machine and Story of The
Year in on-stage energy.

...has released two independent EP's, and one full-length, selling a
total of over five-hundred discs.

...won or placed in several Battles of the Bands, including their first
competition in 2003, which was the most highly publicized show in
or around Savannah that year.

...has a combined height and weight of 18'4", 535 lbs.

...has had minor radio play in Savannah, Athens, and Seattle

...has shared the stage with major label acts such as Showbread,
Toxic Narcotic, Bayside, My Hotel Year, The Casualties,
and Sevendust.

...has been approached by several minor labels and talent agencies.