Celeste Starchild

Celeste Starchild

 Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Indie pop songstress. Agile vocals, compelling originals! No pretense, just good music. Celeste is charming in person and very real. She sings her butt off and her heart out for a great live show!


Celeste Starchild is an emerging contemporary DC-based singer-songwriter with songs that seems to land a place in people's hearts. Her personal claim to fame is "smart lyrics and dynamic vocals." Just a few years into her music career, she's already produced sophistocated studio compositions, including two releases in the UK. Her live shows are also well received. In the words of one fan, " I was struck by her powerful presence and delivery."

Celeste Starchild and her band have played extensively in the DC/metro area, including DC's Cherry Blossom Festival, The National BBQ Battle, Iota, Jammin' Java, The State Theater, Bangkok Blues, and Evening Star. Among her credits are numerous appearances on XM Radio's UPOP, a feature profile in Washington Woman magazine, and an appearance on the cable television show "American Music."

In June 2007 Celeste released her debut EP "Time Release," and in 2009 she released her first full length album, "XOC," produced by Kevin Gutierrez and recorded at Assembly Line Studios in Vienna, VA. The CD includes an eclectic mix of sounds and genres; predominantly guitar-driven, mid-tempo and melodic. "XOC" also features some notable guests, including renowned violinist Ann Marie Calhoun and legendary bluesman Terry Garland.

By Amy Brecount White:

Celeste Starchild has a double identity. By day, she is a Vice President of a national real estate software firm. By night, she is an accomplished singer-songwriter with a brand new CD and a growing following. Her personal journey into music took the winding, scenic route. And, yes, that is her real name.

Growing up with alternative parents, Starchild ironically rebelled by following a more conventional path of success. Her memories of childhood include jam sessions at the house, picking dandelions for dandelion wine, shiitake mushroom farming, and ducks and chickens running around the yard. But Starchild traded the mountains of southwest Virginia for a successful career in business in Washington, DC. Yet, when her dad died of cancer and left her a 1933 acoustic Gibson guitar, she could notkeep her hands off it.

She learned to play it and started writing songs. With a few shoves from a good friend, less than two years later she is playing all over, including Iota, Jammin' Java, and Bangkok Blues. She has performed twice on XM radio and appeared on other local broadcasts. Her voice is rich and evocative when she sings of love and disillusionment and going for your dreams. She calls it conveying rather than singing. On her new CD, "Time Release," she sings the song Darlin', which is based on lyrics she found in her father's belongings.

"My life is a kinda crazy," says Starchild. "I often go straight from a long day of meetings to a long night of singing, but I wouldn't have it any other way."


Reach for the Sky

Written By: Celeste Starchild

Verse 1
I push ahead, I try to grow
I keep learnin things I already know
Steppin Up Is just a place to go
But when I step too fast ... Is when I slip down slow

You gotta reach for the sky ... Is the decision I'm reaching
The harder I try ... The deeper the meaning
The truth I would learn ... Is the trick is believing
But the question how long ... And is the destiny deceiving

Verse 2
I don't break my back at work instead
I just waste my life and I wreck my head
It'll be alright a friend of mine once said
Get it all done now ... Sleep when you're dead

Verse 3
I play alittle, I have my fun
I always fiddle with the lines I've drawn
I know where I'm going til I get where I have gone
But should I go somewhere ... or should I be someone?

Apple of My Eye

Written By: Celeste Starchild

Just because I say I love you
Doesn’t mean I trust your judgement
Your ziggety zaggety phrases all clustered up but
Do you have enough to fill my cup?

I love you, I think you’re mine
You could be the rotten apple of my blinded eye
I love you, enough to try
Want you to bubble my gum and double my fun
But don’t become another reason to cry

I want my lover to make me laugh
To say hickory dickory dock ten times real fast
Gotta lift me up but don’t play to much
Cuz when the work sets in you gotta give it and give it and give it again…

Don’t wanna be gotta be done, I can’t be without you
My lovety dovety songs are all about you
You’re solid as a rock but don’t make me drown
Don’t wanna be ringin’ ‘round the rosy ‘til we both fall down


Written By: Celeste Starchild and Rick Schmidt

Oh my darlin’
How could it be you
You’re so fine I have a hard time
Keepin’ my mind on what I ought to do
I’d sit in a garden with beautiful flowers
Watch your pretty smile
Dance across your face . . .

And if I knew I’d have you in the end
I‘d wait a thousand years
The time I’d spend
Dreamin’ of ways to love you
From the start
Knowing near or far you’re always in my heart
Knowing you’re always in my heart.

Oh my darlin’
How could it be you
You’re so fine I have a hard time
Keepin’ my mind on what I ought to do
I’d walk in the sand with mist in the air
See the glint in your eye
Draw your hand to my hair . . .

Best Behavior

Written By: Celeste Starchild

Got a spot and saddled up
Had a thing or two to say
State a fact and back it up
Watch the devil squirm away
Taken back you looked me up
Didn’t let me get away you
Made a pact to lighten up and
I was on my best behavior …

My story writes my way
Let my happiness remind me
I won’t go astray
Gotta stay where I can find me
My story writes my way
Let my happiness remind me
Don’t go away

Lost track I wasn’t sure
If it was something that I said
On a backstreet in the dark
Not a light to help me find my way I
Got a taxi to my door
I headed back to where I stayed and
Ridin’ back the boulevard was
Further than I’d gone away

Remember When

Written By: Audrey Whittington


Drove a long way back
Back into my past
Saw myself a short way home.
Drank a long way down
Down into my glass
Threw my dog a little bone.


Won’t you please please remember me
Woman now, girl then, can’t we all just pretend?
Won’t you please please remember me
After all it’s just remember when.


Drove a long way back
Back to get that fast
I sank myself a short way home.
Drove the long way up
Up to make it last
Saw myself a little stoned.


Written By: Celeste Starchild

Verse 1:

We fell in bed together one day
Our lives matched up in a lazy way
And you didn’t want to leave
And I – I wanted you to stay.


It is was two long years of comfort and distance
And I remember when we both kicked cigarettes
And it might have been forever, but they really are my weakness.


So I had to move on and now I sing this song
And smoke cigarettes, I always missed it
One day you’ll have a conversation with your new girlfriend
About the time we wasted.


Verse 2:

We found enough time as the days went by
To stay clicked together, despite my lies
And you said that I was forgiven
But sorry wasn’t even on my mind!

Prechorus 2:

And so went two long years of comfort and distance
And I remember when we agreed to take a dance class
And you might have shown up, but that really was your weakness


March 2009: "XOC" Full Length CD - available on iTunes, CD Baby, and at live performances.

June, 2007: "Time Release" EP - available on iTunes, CD Baby, and at live performances.

2005: "Cowgirl's Bible" 5 song demo

Set List

The group can play for up to three hour-long sets, including about 70% original material. Sample Song List:

Goodnight Moon - Shivaree

Back to Me - Kathleen Edwards

Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall

Fisherman's Blues -The Waterboys

Probably Will - Concrete Blonde

Apple of My Eye - Original

Cigarettes - Original

Naked - Original

Break - Original

Coming Back - Original

Dreams - Stevie Nicks

Darlin - Original

Apple of my Eye - Original

I Feel It All - Feist

If Love Was a Train - Michelle Shocked

Your Sweet Ground - Original

Hello Hopeville - Michelle Shocked

Remember When - Original

Best Behavior - Original

100 Games of Solitaire - Concrete Blonde

The Road's My Middle Name - Bonnie Raitt

Hold On - Neko Case

Reach for the Sky - Original

Oh Darlin - Beatles

Cause and Effect - Original

New York - Original

Long Way Home - Norah Jones

Gimme One Reason - Tracy Chapman