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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Genesis, Self Produced."

Reviewed by Snidermann


This self-produced, four-track demo simply rocks. It is totally 80s rock'n'roll with a vocalist who obviously grew up listening to Rob Halford. In fact, the vocals were so much like Halford's, it made me want to dig out my old Judas Priest records.

The songs are all well written and presented in such a strong fashion that I am stunned some record company hasn't snatched this band up. Celestial Dawn is as good or perhaps better than most I've heard lately.

It's hard to give a band high marks to a band when you've only heard four tracks, but it the rest of Celestial Dawn is this good, then they deserve the full treatment.
I can't wait to hear more from Celestial Dawn

Reference: http://www.roughedge.com/cdreviews/c/celestialdawn.htm
- Sniderman, Roughedge Magazine

"Celestial Dawn (Genesis)"


This band hails from Montreal, Canada. The band was formed in the summer of 1997. This four song demo CD is their debut and I have to say that I really dig what I hear. Celestial Dawn is a true metal band that operates mainly in the Manowar sector of the metal spectrum. The songs sound raw and are mostly played against mid tempo. Vocalist Christian Acher voice comes close to Eric Adams way of singing. In the high screams he sounds also a bit like Jon Oliva. Savatage is by the way another band these guys are influenced by. Especially in the epic track “Spectre” we hear some Savatage inspired parts. Celestial Dawn is a band of good musicians doing what they like best and that is play heavy metal. If they could develop a bit more of their own style and combine that with a better production then I am sure we will hear a lot more of these guys. (7)

Reference: Undertow Heavy Metal Magazine

- Undertow Heavy metal Magazine

"From BWBK magazine, 2007."

"Montreal’s got the toughest competition in metal, but Celestial Dawn have eminently distinguished themselves through a singular doomy power metal sound that evokes images of Eidolon, Nevermore and Manowar, the superlative vocals of Bruno in metal-mad collision with slicing axes and prog-tinged rhythms creating a symphony of old school sonics." - Brawewords and bloody knuckles.


New Full length CD in 2007, "Disorder" 11 TRACKS Ready to Burn Your ears off and kick you in the face!!!

BWBK knuckletracks # 107 magazine release. oct 2007. "disorder" featured on compilation.

EP: Genesis
date of release:2001
4 Tracks. This ep has been aired on many radio stations in the US and Canada, as well as a few other countries. Has also been well recieved by listeners and reviewers.

Single: Queen of the Damned
Date of release:2003
On the Insanity Records sample disc, released throughout europe. Has received good reviews, and has been getting airplay on many stations as well.

New demo\ep: To be released in Feb. 2004 (untitled)
6 tracks of new tunes that will assault your senses.

Queen Of the Damned
Celestial Dawn (new version)
Full Throttle
Behind the Mask

2003. defenders of metal II compilation.



Let the old slip into the night.

A snake will strip off its dead skin and writhe free of decaying scales. Gorged on music living and dead, Celestial Dawn is the new skin of metal: damp, dark, and glistening.

Ten years ago, 5 Montreal musicians rubbed heavy, melodic sounds against shattering riffs to pierce flesh baked dry by heroes and worn thin by imitators. Together as Celestial Dawn , they scraped away the dead ideas and revealed a sound ferocious in its originality.

The snake now itches in its skin. A well-reviewed 2001 EP opened the eyes of influential fans worldwide and led to a contract with Germany 's Insanity Records (RIP) in 2003. A ground-shaking performance at the 2004 Chicago Meca Music Conference and Classic Metal Fest turned radio stations around the globe to their cause. Now with a new, full-length album, metal is about to slip free.

Celestial Dawn is looking to partner with a label that can show the world a new light of day.

Metal weakens when it's recycled. Bring strength back to music with a powerful and original new sound. Don't be the one left clinging to dead flesh.

From the early start of this band in the late 90's, they strived to be different. Going against the musical grain, as far as what was accepted and considered mainstream of the day. After many uphill battles,and loss and gain of members over the years, and signing with insanity records out of germany, this seasoned, gritty group of dedicated musicians have kept pushing on, and have not let go of what they love to do.

Numerous shows, in and out of Montreal, Metal festivals in Chicago, and lots of international attention, this band is more than ready to take on what ever is thrown in their direction.

A new album that will turn more than just a few heads, and a no nonsense attitude, they know what they want, and it is do what they love to do, make and play their style of music, and to take along as many people as they can with them for the ride. Check it out.

!!check out Celestial dawn in issue #107 of BWBK magazine, and the knuckletracks compilation cd.

New music to come in 2011. recording sessions going well.