Celia Chavez

Celia Chavez

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Tiny but mighty singer & songwriter seeks adventure of the human kind in land, sea, sky, imagination, sound, order and chaos.


The tiny but mighty Celia Chavez has spent the past several years traveling the world as a 20-Feet-From-Stardom style backup singer to stars such as Pink, Melody Gardot, Uh Huh Her and Julia Fordham. She is currently a featured vocalist and duet partner with international superstar Enrique Iglesias in his touring band, which sold out 36 arena shows on their 2014-2015 US tour, during which she sang to over a million people. 

Celia is also one half of the new songwriting duo, the Sisters of Perpetual Heartache (aka SOPH) along with fellow Los Angeles singer-songwriter Nicky Corbett. Celia's first record, Sailor's Daughter, and her most recent 5-song EP, White Flag Blue Sky, display a musical sensibility akin to Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynne, Chrissie Hynde and Joni Mitchell - an electric blend of rock, Americana, and jazz that reestablishes her not only as a singular vocalist, but as a versatile songwriter and multi-instrumentalist as well. 

In December 2014, Seattle-based London Tone Music released her single Dreamland. It’s a song packed with charm, hope and romance featuring Celia’s dreamy vocal layered on top of guitar, ukulele, keyboards, drums and glockenspiel. It’s a sweet, fun song, but the inspiration for it came from the desire to hold on to the best part of a relationship, even if the romance doesn’t last forever — keeping compliments and kind words like pennies in a jar for an emotionally rainy day — an idea that didn’t dawn on the songwriter until she was consoling another friend about a breakup.

Celia’s London Tone single was released with perfect timing. “I have a triple-EP project coming out this year, and the theme of the song collection has to do with awakening, so having a song called Dreamland is a fitting prelude.” 



Written By: Celia Chavez


When I feel my fire dying
I remember Dandelion
Though she’s lost
Her bloom and her seed
Riding on the wind
She has everything
She needs

Once the belle of the bouquet
When the summer fades away
She opens wide
To embrace the next
friendly breeze
Riding on the wind
She has everything
She needs


Through the thorns and tangled vines
Up comes Dandelion
Reaching for the sun
Showing everyone
her means
And her sunny smile
That no man can defeat


Dandelion I need to know
How you make your blossom grow
How you stay
So beautiful and true
Oh Dandelion
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you


Written By: Celia Chavez


Baby have you been to Vegas
I keep hearing that it's grand
Tell me what you think
it looks like
And I'll draw us up a map
I will give you everything, babe
That I have left in the bank
Let's go, let’s go to Vegas
Get our tires stuck in the sand

Driving at a mile a minute
I will crash and you will burn
Where the winding asphalt banks
And the warning signs are stern
We make a blind-eye beeline
To our next hairpin turn
Gotta get ourselves to Vegas
Burn, baby, burn

We can stand in front of Elvis
And dress up all in white
We can make a drunken promise
And swagger at the sight
Of spun roulettes
and misplaced bets
Made in the middle of the night
When we’re starry-eyed in Vegas
Everything will be all right

When the lights go out in Vegas
And the desert sands grow cold
We will rub our eyes and wonder
Where is all the gold
When the charm won’t last forever
We’ll convince ourselves it can
It’ll leak like gas
Out the back
Of our stolen black sedan


"Relax" (2009) track #8 on full-lengh album Come 'N Play by House of Bamba
"Last Goodbye" (2008) single, by Robin Danar feat. Celia Chavez
Sailor's Daughter (2007) full length CD
Distant Bliss (2005) - 5- song EP
"Lose Myself In You"(2003) - title song on feature film "Inheritance" soundtrack (Scotopia Pictures)
"Never Shake Me", featured on feature film "Inheritance" soundtrack (Scotopia Pictures)
Wishing Well (2002) - 5- song EP (out of print)

Set List

Set lists vary depending on the show.

Full set: 9-12 songs, about 45 minutes.

Can provide an extended two- or three- set lounge performance including additional originals and a mix of complementary standards and cover songs.

Original songs:
Wishing Well
Call Me from the Road
P.T. Barnum
Fear of Falling Leaves
Dream of a Sailor
Sailor's Daughter
Good Friday

"Moon River"
an ambient electric version of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon"
"Just A Little Lovin'' by Dusty Springfield