Celia Kipp & The Last Ditch

Celia Kipp & The Last Ditch



In the fall of 1997 I was playing open mics in Baltimore as a solo artist. Some nights I had random friends fill out the stage and we would play under the name Honey. Within the early months of 1998 I had met a woman who would change my life completely. At an open mic at a Fells Point coffee house I met Misty Letts. Misty Letts was also a solo artist on the Baltimore scene at the time. She was just coming off a full time gig as the front woman for the popular country cover band Misty & The Midnight Blues. She had landed the unfortunate role of entertainment coordinator of a large spring festival and needed bands. She called me one evening in May of 1998 and asked me to play the show. There were just two things - one being I had to have a band and the other being the show was in just three weeks. I, of course, did not have a band though I told her I did. Later she would claim she knew I was lying, but knew I would make it happen.

Anyway, I put out some calls. I had a friend commit to bass and he knew a guy from his previous band who would more likely than not play drums for one gig. I sent a tape (yes, I said "tape") of some songs to drummer Josh Almoney. He dug it and we set up a practice. Two weeks later we played the festival to great applause and joy. We decided to join forces and play another show as Hot Honey Magnet. During the winter 1999, we recorded the full length album "The Story of C" which won a few awards, including alternative album of the year from Just Plain Folks in 2000. In 2001 we added a lead guitarist and recorded our second album "Sparklingly Few." We spent the next two years doing mini tours and entering contests. The song "Arizona" was deemed good enough to earn us a slot in the very first Pantene Pro-Voice competition. The show was filmed in Central Park for a live audience of 10,000 and later aired nationwide on Comcast. We lost the overall competition. Whoohooo!!! Riding the national exposure wave we were able to land Mhz Presents on Mhz Networks. "MHz NETWORKS is an independent, noncommercial, television network delivering international, educational and arts programming. MHz provides diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience. Serving the Washington, DC area's 4.9 million residents." - www.mhznetworks.org

Mhz went national by way of the Colours channel on Dish Network after that taping and guess what folks...we were the debut band. Pretty much at that point it all fell to shit and by 2003 I was miserable. I wanted to be a solo artist and not have to hear the higher-ups tell me my hair and weight were not up to par and that I needed more plastic clothing. So I left HHM and started playing solo up and down the east coast. Wouldn't you know it, within three months I was bored with being alone and missed the band atmosphere. Two weeks or so later I was at the first practice with my new band, The Last Ditch. With Josh on drums and Misty on bass, we began rehearsing the songs that would be come our debut album "Emotional Amputation" - released in the fall of 2004.
One year later in the fall of 2005, Kristen Zow joined the band as the lead guitarist. Zow was also a solo singer/songwriter on the Baltimore scene before joining forces with Celia Kipp & The Last Ditch. We are currently playing mid-sized venues from DC to Boston and rehearsing songs for our forthcoming album "Giving up the Ghost."

p.s. we are an acoustic based rock band - with the emphasis on the "rock" part.


Got Me Bad

Written By: Celia Kipp

it's you. you. you. in my head all the time, but you're not holding your own and you're not helping me hold mine. i've been watching the walls. i've been watching the waves. i saw it coming a mile away. you say it wasn't planned out, but i think you knew you'd get me somehow. it's the first day and the last time. it isn't healthy and it's not right. i guess what i'm getting at is how'd you get me so bad? i woke up this morning. it's a year to the day and it's all come to this: different hair, a different place and a lack of happiness. so tell me was it worth all the time? was it worth all the grief? was it worth losing yourself? was it worth losing me? take the shoes, leave the keys.


Written By: Celia Kipp

magic marker. lose the lid. pick favorite color. draw me in. find the most beautiful butterfly. crush its fragile wings. keep the most colorful pigment to rub onto my skin. create a mask. hide the past and the pain that lives within. i grow darker every second. to kill the root of it, i dig. magic potion. lose the lid. pick favorite flavor. pour it in. find the most delectable nectar. toss it in the mix. leave it on the nightstand in case i need a fix. to create a mask. hide the past. the fear that lives within. i grow darker every second. to kill the root of it, i dig.


Written By: Celia Kipp

a trucker's tan in early july. i can't think about this anymore. i'm losing sight. i've been driving way too long. driven way too far. i can't remember where i come from or how all of this got so hard. i've felt it always pulling. i can't just keep on spinning. i know i've gotta do something to keep it from crumbling. a sunburn. the first day of september. i'm following every word, but it's hard to decipher. i walk the line. i walk the plank and the dog. i've come to the end of the road. i'm thankful. hold the wall. hold it up. keep from crumbling down. falling in. falling down.


2004 - Emotional Amputation