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Celio Skilz's music is a blend of bi-coastal beats mixed with straight forward, witty lyrics which allow fans to identify with him.


“’Use what you have to get what you want’ is what my Aunt told me a few months before she passed,” said Celio Skilz. C. Skilz, a rap artist from California, has managed to create a buzz with his critically acclaimed debut album, “The Cost of Being Me.” His blend of bi-coastal beats mixed with straight forward, witty lyrics has allowed his fans to identify with him. ”My gimmick is to be myself and tell my experiences. That’s probably why so many people relate to my work,” says the former graffiti artist. ”I’ve been rhyming since I was twelve. No matter what people thought I was, I always told them I wouldn’t put anything out ‘til the climate was right.”

With subject matters on “The Cost of Being Me” jumping from facing ones inner demons (on “Self Defense”), to addressing fools ruining parties by getting too drunk (on “F*ck the Party Up”), the themes are what everyday folks deal with. But don’t think that normality makes him slouch on lyrics. Celio Skilz’s last name speaks for itself on “They’ve Been Waiting. With “She Used to Love Me,” C. Skilz allows Hip-Hop, in feminine form, to vent her frustration about her so-called fans, in an answer to Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.“ This album has some of the best beats I’ve ever done,” says DJ Rek, who produced all but one track on the possible classic. ”We tried to not make any fillers. “

Celio Skilz originally started out as a ghostwriter in the late ‘80’s for his twin brothers, while in a group called DTC (DUBB TRUBB CREW). He has participated in opening up for major acts in his San Diego hometown, including Little Brother, Mos Def, LL COOL J, and KRS ONE. He has further credits through helping fellow musicians with marketing, managing, and grooming.

"The Cost of Being Me" is currently available for purchase at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/celio
All profits from purchases on CDBaby will go to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.


The Cost of Being Me
Track listing:
1. Intro
2. They’ve Been Waiting
3. Interlude - Being Me
4. Dagocated
5. She Used to Love Me feat. Diana Ross
6. Self Defense
7. Special Limited Edition
8. Good Times
9. Rock With You (Remix) feat. Alicia Keys
10. Fuck the Party Up
11. Inter- Who’s Laughin’
12. Hardcore feat. Regg Henny
13. City Lights feat. Intrique
14. Interlude - Real For U
15. K-Cee Legendary (Playin’ Catchup)
16. Somm’ Somm’ feat. K-Cee Legendary
17. Youngen’ Restless
18. My Purpose
19. Rest in Peace
20. Outro

Set List

Sets approximately 30 minutes.

Performance of verse and chorus of majority of songs on album,
Audience participation bit (aspiring emcees are invited to come on stage and perform with Celio Skilz for a song),
Creative skits,
and Closing