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Cellar Mannequin - The Boy Who Cried Ego (Summer 2009)
Cellar Mannequin - The Recent Future (2008)
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Pre 2008:
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Bat On Fire - Escape From Hades
Bat On FIre - Raft Of The Medusa
Bat On Fire - Death Of Solomon Scarlett
- - -
Dramadeus - Cross My Art And Hope To Die
Dramadeus - Dramadeus And The Enigma
Dramadeus - Day Of Wrath
Dramadeus - The Modern Prometheus
- - -
Geto Zone Productions - From The Streets To Hell
- - -
Twofold Horror - The Last Judgement
Twofold Horror - This Is REEL Life
Twofold Horror - Specters And Spirits
Twofold Horror - Violence and Vandalism
Twofold Horror - XxX
Twofold Horror - Necrobiosis/Iced Out Freestyles 2 (Dual Disc)
Twofold Horror - Iced Out Freestyles
Twofold Horror - Self Titled




Sex, Ink, Booze and Socks...Need I say more? Cellar Mannequin, the kid from the basement, is a foul mouthed drunken clown shoe with a middle finger painted on it...a true artist! Call it Sex-Hop, call it Orgy-Rap, perhaps Booze Tunes, or Murder Flows. Call it white boy Krunk, or even Nerd Core; Cellar delivers the signature basement style refined for the party minded masses. With like track titles like “Trying To Get Fat” and “This is Heavy” you know the kid (who tops out at 150lbs and has a Flux Capacitor tattoo chest piece) is brutally honest. Despite the comedy however; Cellar is no joke. Always, even in the darkest flows, there is an underlying message of positive energy, and a sense of dedication to the art of rap music. He even produces all of his albums personally, kick by kick and snare by snare.

Cellar’s brand of hip hop is silly-to-serious, hardcore-to-heartfelt, lewdly-lyrical and utterly insane. If Salvador Dali could only spit this sick. Knock off the neck of a bottle of rum and press the triangle for further instructions.

“If Eminem and Marilyn Manson had sex in ICP’s tour bus, while Rob Zombie filmed it…I would be the Video Camera” – Cellar Mannequin

For nearly a decade Cellar Mannequin (in one entity or another) has been performing on underground stages all across the midwest. Cellar, real name Karlos Kowaleski, has produced over 20 full length, highly professional albums, apperaing on 17 of which he wrote all lyrics and most instrumentals. Cellar Mannequin is a blend of Hip-Hop with digital sequencers, spacy underlays, and lyrical prowess.

Over the years Cellar has opened stages (and sometimes headlined) for: Tech N9ne, The Outlawz, Insane Clown Posse, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Critical Bill, The R.O.C., Skrapz, Marz, Mars, Mindless Self Indulgence, King Gordy, 2 Live Crew, Mushroomhead, Bedlam, Project:Deadman, V Sinizter, Ying Yang Twins, Bonecrusher, and many MANY more!
Apart from professionally producing music, The Mannequin Man has also operated 2 Record Labels (Geto Zone Productions/Repentagain Records), and produced a rather susseccful Fine Art career. Often intertwining the two, most of his painting sales in the earlier days were made via concert merch booth. Today however the 2 career paths are self sustaining with music for the masses and art for the super rich.

Cellar's music is based on life expierences, and the positive outweighs the negative 10 fold. Sometimes portrayed as goofy, the lyrics are quite entertaining and honest. Cellar has a habit on stage of acting witty, pretentious, arrogant, and moderatley insulting. The on stage persona created, admitidly as a security blanket, always has the crowed in stiches by the end of the night despite the "roast" like material.

Cellar Mannequin produces all of his instrumentals from click track to completed mastered prodct PERSONALLY, just another level of his talent and dedication to his art.