Cell Block One

Cell Block One



About the Artist:
If you want to make it as a hard rock band you have to have three things: Talent, charisma, and a tad big of arrogance. Vermont’s own, Cellblock One has mastered the formula and is on its way to big things. They describe themselves as, “…a hard rockin band from the Northeast. We play real, down to earth, honest hard rock music for our fans and anyone else who wants to listen. Our goal is to be the biggest rock band in the world.”

About the Music:
That’s not small feat but, Cellblock One is up for the challenge. This past summer they opened for Scissorfight at Higher Ground, Vermont’s premiere rock venue. They have also released two albums with a third on the way. The band is a juggernaut of sound and self promotion. Their shows highlight both their down to earth will to rock and their assurance of rock supremacy. The band plays the role well and will undoubtedly show rock fans what’s going down in the state of Vermont. Cellblock One is currently working with A&R Select, an independent A&R firm based in Hollywood, California. A&R Select is representing the artist’s work for possible record deals; film, television and video game scores; and publishing deals.


2003- "Mass. Destruction" LP
2004- "Blind Obedience" LP
2006- singles..."Freedom Takes it's Toll" & "Bleed IN"

note: Currently "Bleed In" recieving independent and college radio airplay.

Set List

28 orginals & 35 covers

One set shows/45 min(generally-all original)
1. Bleed In
2. Love My Hate
3. Revolution
4. Freedom Takes it's Toll
5. Gravedigger
6. Profile
7. Bloodline
8. Fighting Against The Mirror
9. War Inside My Head
10. Thieves

All nighters 4/45-50min sets with both covers and orginals

note: Covers mostly from the Hard Rock genre.....Ozzy/Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Ted Nugent,Guns N' Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Danzig, Kiss, Black Label Society, Led Zeppelin, etc., etc.