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Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Cello Figaro - "The Loner's Anthem II" (prod. BrandUn DeShay)"

With #ConcertoGrosso dropping in less than a month, versatile Virginia emcee Cello Figaro debuts a smooth new BrandUn DeShay-produced single, "The Loner's Anthem II." Cello has consistently had a confidently rebellious mindset in his past releases, and "The Loner's Anthem II" confirms what we already know. Look for more releases from this talented visionary leading up to #ConcertoGrosso's release on November 22nd. Stream below. - See more at: http://www.artisticmanifesto.com/2013/10/cello-figaro-loners-anthem-ii-prod.html#sthash.pOOO4sio.dpuf - ArtisticManifesto.com

"Cello Figaro – The Loner’s Anthem II (Prod. By Brandun Deshay)"

Cello Figaro rolls out his Brandun Deshay produced single “The Loner’s Anthem II”. Check it out after the jump and be sure to pick up Concerto Grosso dropping on November 22nd!
Read more at http://hiphopsince1987.com/music/cello-figaro-the-loners-anthem-ii-prod-by-brandun-deshay/#mBKD6zIiuf6HvxWw.99 - HipHopSince1987.com

"Cello Figaro - The Loner's Anthem II"

Rolling solo’s a lot less lonely with some good music to keep you company. Cello Figaro knows what I’m talking about—thus, he’s dedicated his latest single to all those who share his solitary disposition. The sequel to a 2011 mixtape cut, The Loner’s Anthem II is considerably more upbeat than its theme would imply. Over Brandun Deshay‘s sampled boardwork, a vibrant mix of head-noddable percussion and brass/vocal samples, the Minneapolis representative looks back with satisfaction on a youth spent breaking rules and flouting expectations in pursuit of his dreams. Like what you’re hearing? More awaits on Figaro’s Concerto Grosso LP, scheduled to hit The DJBooth November 22, for free streaming and download. - DJBooth.net

"Cello Figaro - YALR"

It’s very evident that hip hop fans love the rapper/producer idea. Talented double threats include Black Milk, Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West and J. Cole to name a few. Enter Cello Figaro, a fellow double threat, who currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Figaro maybe new to many, but he has been making noise in the Commonwealth state for sometime. Pun intended.

The 23 year old Emcee/Producer is set to release his forthcoming mix tape, Concerto Grosso, which will become available on November 22. “YALR,” (Y’all Ain’t Living Right,) is his lead single which features a combination of Kanye-esque wit alongside his sample based production with an aggressive Drake-esque flow. Figaro’s “YALR,” is a pompous and ambitiously crafted piece that is sure to help him gain momentum toward his upcoming November release.

Read more: http://www.prefixmag.com/media/cello-figaro/yalr-yall-aint-living-right/75254/#ixzz2hzaU5AQR
- Prefix Magazine

"Cello Figaro - Meteor Showers"

For most people, the apocalypse is a terrifying prospect. Booth newcomer Cello Figaro, on the other hand, finds the possibility kind of exciting. On new single Meteor Showers, the Norfolk-born, Minneapolis-based rhymesayer fantasizes about witnessing the Earth’s last days with his girl by his side: “The Next Time the World Ends, I wanna be there front row with my baby, getting’ faded, like we don’t care at all.” Over his and Darius Mines’ majestic synth boardwork, Figaro reflects on the course of his life to date, and expresses his faith in another world beyond this mortal coil. Feeling it? More eclectic beats and thought-provoking bars await on Cellar Door - DJBooth.net

"Cellar Door Album Review"

It's always wonderful to hear the evolution of an artist, and Virginia native Cello Figaro has stepped it up once again with the release of Cellar Door, his latest EP. Largely self-produced, this twelve track experience draws from a variety of influences to engineer a unique vibe that is diverse, yet cohesive at the same time. It's hard to pin this guy into any of the typical categories, because frankly he spans them all. From introspective mellow slow jams, to braggadocios club bangers, to just about everything else in between, the Kid's got you covered. Listen to the entire EP and purchase after the break. - Artistic Manifesto

"Cello Figaro - Cellar Door (Album Review)"

Mr. Figaro formally known as “Cello Kid” is opening the cellar doors and letting us in. This album will serve as yet another gateway for Cello to enter the minds and hearts of his listeners. A combination of lyricism, swagger, and determination to this degree is rare. The stand out records on the album are “Island of Misfit Toys”, “Lie To Me”, and last but not least “Meteor Showers”! I got an early listen and all I can say is don’t sleep on this man’s talent. Enjoy! - CSNW

"PATRON XO CAFE NOIR NYC: CMJ (concert review)"

The last performance of the night was the XO Café Music Project winner Cello Kid. The Music Project was basically a Battle of the Bands type event sponsored by XO Café, giving new up and coming acts a chance to get their stuff heard. The winner got some “underground bands” swag, like promotional stuff and studio time, as well as getting a chance to do a quick set at last night’s event. Cello Kid is a military brat from Minneapolis, but he reps Virginia nowadays. He’s part of that alternative Hip-Hop wave that is forming in the business, trying to ride the wave that Chiddy Bang and similar acts are on right now. His stuff is self-produced, as you would guess from someone who is an independent artist, but the samples are awesome. For instance, his opening song had a sample of “Dog Days Are Over” by the incomparable Florence + the Machine. Well-played Cello Kid. It’s on his “Forget Me Not” album, that is available for free download on his sight cellokid.bandcamp.com. He also did his song “Hi-School,” which is his ode to the outcasts, those people who were always told that they were different. It’s a great feel good song with over a nice feel good track; it pretty much tells you what kind of stuff this guy likes to rap about.

He did what seemed like a 4 song set, then made his exit, letting DJ Body Language get back to it.
- Clint Headley

"Interview with TuneN2IM"

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?
My name is Cameron Cloman but I'm better known by my alias, Cello Kid.

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
I'm from everywhere. I was born in Minneapolis but was raised equally in Kansas, North/South Carolina. I currently reside in Va Beach, Virginia.

3.) What age did you start?
I began my musical journey in the 6th grade...so whatever age I was at then, I can't remember lol.

4.) What's your inspiration?
I'm inspired by all things beautiful, most of the time it isn't even music. A lot of times it's some ill photography or architecture I'm looking at or maybe even just a beautiful person that passes me. My mind works in a strange way, if a beautiful girl passes by I'm not saying I'm going to write a song about her...that rarely happens. It's more like my creativity is lying dormant and then I see something so beautiful that it awakens and from there my mind starts wondering and a song is born.

5.) What's your style?
Different from everything else. That is my primary goal, to be unique. It's pretty easy, I just be myself and nobody else can do that.

6.) How would you describe your music?
I describe my sound as relevant hiphop for the eclectics. I pull from so many different influences that it can all be confusing for some people as to how I can enjoyrock music and then switch to something as eclectic as dubstep. I try to reign in my influences and then speak about things that are not just relevant to my life but to that of the people buying my music, I owe them that much, to talk about something they can feel.

7.) What is your favorite song that you have done?
I have a song that I've yet to even finish producing called "Supernova". I'm saving it for something important, like an album. It's a song dedicated to every girl I ever had a crush
on lol. Ideally, I'd like to put Bruno Mars or Jason Mraz on the hook, you guys might actually see that happen sooner than later.

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
I try to only collaborate with people that bring something different to the table, something that I can't do. Right now Darius Mines, Sky Welkin, Wrighteous, & Will Moore are some of my most frequent collaborators in the arts.

9.) What are your hobbies?
My other love is basketball. I love playing, watching, talking about, betting on, etc. Anything basketball related I'm on to it, especially during March Madness. Go Duke!

10.) Anything else?You can get all of my official releases at cellokid.bandcamp.com. My latest mixtape "Forget Me Not" is available there now! Also, I'm starting a new music series entitled "Songs I Should Have Been On" that will feature my twist to some of your favorite records. Sometime this spring I will also be releasing an ep with acoustic selections from "Forget Me Not".
- TuneN2IM.com

"TheHipHopUpdate.com (All Cello Kid Related Articles)"

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"Cello Kid "Forget Me Not" Review"

One of the top blogs in new music, Good Music All Day, took the time out to review my "Forget Me Not" project. - GoodMusicAllDay.Com

"Artist of the Day: Cello Kid"

Cello Kid is rising hip-hop artist that hails from the Midwest, more specifically the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Cello Kid specializes in being multi-faceted.
He doesn’t like the feeling of not being able to do something. With that in mind he added proficiency in guitar, piano, and producing to his rapping ability and his ability to play the cello.
Cello Kid’s first show wasn’t at an open mic, a school talent show, or even opening up for an already established artist. Cello Kid’s first live performance was when he headlined his own show at “The NorVa” a world renowned venue in Norfolk, Virginia. His second live performance was at the annual Afr’am festival in Norfolk, Virginia, a performance in which he graced the same stage as Letoya Luckett, Chuck Brown, and Salt & Pepper.
With those being his first two live performances, Cello Kid knows how to put on a show whether the crowd is five people or five thousand people. As a producer Cello Kid has worked on numerous projects for promising underground talent such as Tyler Wright aka Wrighteous, Darius Mines, and Kleos & Davy.
He has also recently began working with a very prominent Canadian pop star signed to Interscope/Universal Canada. While not in the studio, Cello Kid attends Old Dominion University as a double major in Electrical Engineering and Music. With things looking up for Cello Kid as far as rapping and producing with his new mixtape “Forget Me Not” dropping 2.13.11 we can all expect to hear and see much more from the young Minneapolis native. - therealsharnell


Still working on that hot first release.



Cello Figaro is a 23 y.o. cellist turned hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. NXNE, Toronto, Ontario's premier music festival compared him to the likes of Childish Gambino and Kanye West. In addition to NXNE, Cello has performed at College Fest, CMJ, Voodoo, and Orlando Calling music festivals in 2011-2012.

Cello Figaro has just released his latest project, "Concerto Grosso", in conjunction with DJBooth.net


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