Cellophane Rain

Cellophane Rain



cellophane rain began in 2002.

our early song-writing and recording experiments caught the ear of garageband.com listeners - our song ‘orchid’ reached number 1 on the all-time alternative chart. it also piqued the interest of various international record labels, including a US major.
in the years to follow, we focused our efforts on a self-recorded debut album.

It's now ready for you to listen to - just go to our mySpace site (www.myspace.com/cellophanerain) to get it through PayPal, or contact us at cellophanerain@gmail.com - it's only $10 plus postage!


Good Morning Light

Written By: Brendan Zietsch

Good morning light
good morning blue sky
it all feels right
here in this sunshine
good morning light
good morning blue sky

I love you

Good evening night
good evening star light
I'm on my own
but I'll be alright

Because I love you

Oyster Love

Written By: Laura Ferris

Thoughts will burst to shower us with oyster love
come with me, I'll show you where
others' fly like hollow cherubs in the night
But ours will never ever stray

Champagne bubbles in the sky my oyster love
See them rise to disappear
shades of lilac, ours will never be refined
but I must always have you near

Say you'll come with me tonight, my oyster love
I will soothe your aching hands
Only now will oceans drift away from shores
our loneliness left in the sand


Debut album out now!
Go to www.myspace.com/cellophanerain to get it through PayPal
or send us an email at