Cellophane Suckers

Cellophane Suckers

 Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, DEU

Call it Rock´n´Roll, call it Punkrock, call it Rock! Whatever their label is, the Cellophane Suckers play with heart and soul. The Suckers are fanboys! From the Stooges and Stones to the Saints, Dead Boys and the New Bomb Turks. From Australia to Scandinavia. From the U.S. of A. to Japan. From the Fidjis to the Caymans... The list of influences is as long as your next band`s is.
They are in it for the music. They love getting around, they love sitting in the van, they love meeting old friends,


...ever since their inception in 1993 have the CELLOPHANE SUCKERS wreaked rock’n’roll havoc all over Europe. The guys from Cologne – completed by their exiled singer who lives in Berlin, have played with everyone from the DIRTYS to the NEW BOMB TURKS, from the ONYAS to the EGOS, from THE HELLACOPTERS to Sonny Vincent and with their buddies MOORAT FINGERS, DUMBELL and the JET BUMPERS. Four full-lengths and a number of 7”s saw the light of day until after eleven years and thousands of miles on the road the SUCKERS engine started running low on fuel.
2003…things go quiet in the SUCKERS world. Life is punctuated by the odd gig here and there. Glen (ex-DUMBELL) takes over guitar duties from Mattes. The SUCKERS write new songs and spend a few weekends holed up in their rehearsal space/studio recording music. There are long, long breaks all around.
…fast forward to 2007. The SUCKERS vessel gathers way again. In December of the same year the SUCKERS’ original line-up is back on stage and sweats and rocks and rolls as if there was no tomorrow – and no yesterday, for that matter. It’s April 2008. High Noon Records release “Bonjour Mon Capitaine”, the fifth SUCKERS album, as a vinyl-only version.... the Suckers are gigin’ more,.. doing an exciting 10 days roadtrip through France end of 2009, ....
In June, the Cellophane Suckers recorded a bunch of new tracks on two weekends only at the BeX studio in Cologne, maximum 3 takes gave maxímum live feeling. Mixed and mastered over the summer.
ONE IN THE ZOO was released in December 2010 on the band’s own High Noon Records on CD format.
11 Tracks made it to the record, including a homage to Australia’s best RNR combo – The Onyas ( “Hit You Up The Guts”) and a Suckers’ style version of the Stones classics “Drivin’ Sister Fanny”. Rollin’ with Soul!!
In November & December the Suckers did a few shows with the SWORN LIARS, ....
..started with a week tour to South-Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In June finally High Noon and Beast Records
( FR ) join forces and release the vinyl version of ONE IN A ZOO , followed by a long weekend of shows in the Bretagne ....

to be continued ....


Discography – full length :

1996 Burning Miss City LP ( Arm Records )
1998 …Hell Yeah! CD ( Subway Records) / LP -sold out-
( Radio Blast Recordings )
2001 Too Much Temptation CD ( Subway Records) / LP -sold out- ( Radio Blast
Recordings )
2004 Can’t Say No CD / LP ( Subway Records )
2008 Bonjour Mon Capitaine LP ( High Noon Records )
2010 One In A Zoo CD ( High Noon Records)
2011 One In A Zoo LP (Beast Records/HNR)

Discography – single:

1997 Lovin’ You Ain’t No Crime 7” ( Radio Blast Recordings )
1997 Let`s Rock split 7” with the Jet Bumpers ( New Life Shark )
1998 Schweinhund E.P. 7” ( Saddletramp )
1998 Motormania Festival 7” w/Shake Appeal, Superfan, Batbomb,Poptards and Backseat Bastards
1999 Solution Prostitiution 7” (High Noon Records )
1999 split w/The A-Teens 7” ( Active Detective Engineerig )
1999 I’ve Been In Love 7” ( Fanboy)
2002 Want A Man/Ramrod 7” (High Noon
Records )