World famous cellist, exciting and communicative, capturing and challenging the public - presenting classical music in a new format; Tango, film music, and Russian groove.


CelloProject has equally gained enthusiastic acclaim among audiences and the press in important concert series throughout Europe such as Vienna Konzerthaus, WDR-Cologne and Musikhalle Hamburg as well as non-classical venues.
The loneliness of a sighing bandoneon, its aggressive chops or the warmth of the singing human voice are only some of many facettes of his cello's wide variety of sounds with which Eckart Runge undertakes a vivid excursion along a variety of programs, e.g. the musical history of Argentinian Tango or into the world of Cinema. In constant dialogue with his pianist Jacques Ammon, whose keys revive the sound of a whole orchestra, CelloProject lives for presenting classical music in a new exciting and communicative format.

Eckart Runge and Jacques Ammon have performed together and studied the various aspects of tango since more than ten years. In aknowledgement of this sincere dedication beyond the commercialized tango trend the duo performed in Buenos Aires in a memorial concert for Astor Piazzolla on invitation by the maestros widow, Laura Escalada de Piazzolla in 2003.
Their CDs have been recommended in major German music magazines (FonoForum) and National Newspapers (FAZ) alike.


Piazzolla&CelloPassion (ars musici produced by Hans Wollrath)
ContrapuncTango (ars musici produced by Eckart Runge)
CelloTango (edition musikat poduced by CelloProject)
CelloCinema (ars musici produced by Eckart Runge)

Set List

Two sets of one hour.
(subject to variation)

We program around topics and juxtapose classical music with own arrangements. A program "Spanish Passion" will have music by DeFalla as well as a Flamenco. "CelloCinema" can include Janaceks "Fairy Tale" from the "Unbearable Lightness of Being" as well as our version of "Psycho", "Fellini's 8 1/2", or Chaplin's "Modern Times". "TangoBaroque" will show the groove of Bachs music in a Sonata followed by a fuge written by Astor Piazzolla, etc.

Spanish PassiĆ³n
Russian Waltz

You give us the topic, we make the mix.