We're a kind of lo-fi, avant-garde blues rock band that still manages to sneak some soul in here and there. We enjoy playing what we believe to be great songs with positive, high-energy performances. We avoid the perfect "copy and paste feel" as we want our songs to maintain a human element to them.


The band's foundation was laid after the off chance meeting of vocalist Adam Novak and guitarist Weston Reynolds. The two began making music together in the Fall 2010, however they did not pursue anything more ambitious than local open-mics around Chicago until the addition of drummer, Cooper Glodoski in late 2012. Since then, the band has crafted a high-energy, must-see show that seems to top with each performance.


Gone (2012) - Single
Of Joy That Kills (2012) - Single
The Have Not (2013) - Single

CELLRS [EP] *debut studio release coming September 17th.