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CELO's soul-stirring lyrics and powerful delivery are an example of pure hip-hop at it's best. And with the spiritual content, and positive message, CELO brings holy hip-hop to his audiences with a southern flair.


"They say that black is beautiful, but poverty is so ugly..."
Just one example of the riveting imagery, in every line of every verse that CELO drops. With his debut solo project, "Armageddon", CELO gives you more than just glimpses of greatness, he gives you a panoramic view of poetic genius.
Born Enoch Elliott, CELO was raised with his four siblings in Miami Florida. As a child he spent most of his time alone, and always had a special gift for music and expression.
Like many young black men, CELO fell victim to the struggle of street life, and found himself entangled in the judicial system.
While serving ten years in a Georgia prison, CELO worked hard to turn his life around and found peace within his music and built a strong relationship with God.
"I always felt the purpose of my life was to serve God and to comfort and embrace the sorrowful and hopeless ones. "I sympathize with the under dog... I hurt more for others than myself."
After being released he moved to Arizona and was signed to Hilltop Records, in Hollywood California. He later teamed up with Lisa King to form FAMOM Entertainment and OTS Records, which stands for Organized Trained Soldiers. CELO often says that he has been transformed from a street soldier to a soldier for God, and his music clearly illustrates that transformation.
Named after the high priest written of in the bible, (Gen. 5:21; Jude 14-15; Heb. 11:5) Enoch has become a "street prophet," full of wisdom and knowledge for all generations. His powerful delivery and heartfelt lyrics gained him comparisons to Tupac Shakur, one of the greatest artists of all time.
"I have a vision to share with others who can't seem to see through the storm. If I can change one life, I've accomplished a lot."


"You and Me" Released on OTS Records 2008
"A New Beginning" Coming Soon

Set List

Artist performs original material only. Usually performing two-three 30 minute sets.