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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop





We at GTPS don’t normally need a reason to indulge in a little afternoon funk but we will say that Celso’s new joint with Atlanta duo, EarthGang, is complimentary with a smoke or a brew… or two. - Midwest Melly

"Artist To Watch: Celso"

With his unique style and twister wordplay, Miami, FL artist Celso is someone you should be paying attention to. - dawsond8

"OK-Tho: Celso"

Cruise down the streets of Florida with Celso as he drops some impressive wordplay over the smooth back drop by Mydus. - Piccochi

"Celso keeps things real and relatable!"

Celso, will definitely take you back to a time where rap was better appreciated and remembered for it’s quality and not for it’s flashy music videos or over the top sounds -

"[Unknown Known] Profile: Celso"

Name: Celso

From: Miami, FL

Notable Works: Diamond Turf EP, Dade Dreamin LP, Gemini EP

Influences: Rakim, Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Outkast & J Cole

Website(s): www.celsomusic.com,Twitter.com/Celso_Music_, Instagram.com/celsomusic520

What prompted your start for your career path?

The kind of situations most up and comers rap about I witnessed on the day to day. One day I was watching BIG on MTV Jams and all of Bad Boy flashing crazy custom pieces and riding the cleanest whips. It made me want that and I really don’t know what kid didn’t. I gave it a go and was awful at first but with my boys hyping me up I felt invincible (I’d like to think I’ve gotten a hell of a lot better over the years lol) .

Who first recognized your talents and what it meant to you?

Definitely moms, I’m going to say like in middle school. At first she was hesitant to have dudes over until 4-5AM in our apartment but she saw I was in my element so she let it slide. She saw that I was finally working towards something positive and that was all she needed to support me through it. She’s done so much, I don’t think I could ever put into words what that belief that she had in me did for my career.

First problem you have come across?

The first major problem I have come across is trying to please everyone. Your friends, supporters, secret haters, followers, etc. In the early stages of finding myself I let too many people tell me what to do. I had people telling me what beats to get on, what music to make, what rappers to imitate, how to dress and just over all crazy suggestions.

As an up and coming artist what have you seen that you need to improve on?

There’s always room for improvement, it doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve been at it. I feel as though I could improve on the volume of live performances these last few months, You get so caught up working on an internet buzz that you forget that one on one experience is what keeps them coming back. Someone’s physical presence is easier to relate to than Internet hype and that’s what fans want at the end of the day, someone that gets them.

How will you make an impact given a chance?

I really feel I got something to say, I know a lot of dudes are like “hear me out” but I don’t want to be here today and gone tomorrow; I want to build a lasting brand. Cole’s “lookin at rappers like wtf you gotta deal for” is probably a line I can relate to hard. I don’t take gains for granted and personally it’s offensive when others do. Humility is something that was morally pounded into me growing up. I aim to show other up and comers while still teaching myself that you don’t have to dumb it down, good music doesn’t expire.

Why should people take notice in your work?

I’m not trying to be anyone but me, that doesn’t take any effort. My work is a direct reflection of where I want to be and past experiences that have gotten me to where I am. I want to make people feel what I am feeling with each track and put out lyrics of substance with melodious hooks. Not everyone goes up on a Tuesday, some people just want to vibe and that’s what I’m here for.

- See more at: http://www.jenesismagazine.com/unknown-known-profile-celso/#sthash.F83TmieL.dpuf - Thomas Agnew

"Mieux Magazine"

The second you turn on this song, you get a vivid taste of Motown. On this Mydus produced track, “Hold you Down,” Miami lyricist Celso spits nothing but the truth at you. He preaches of being positive and calls out evil with lines like, “Nigga’s stain they own soul just to get richer.” He also pays refuge to J.Cole with a clever “Lights Please” reference. On the hook, he prays for God to hold him down. This song is well put together in structure. It’s a conscious collection of thoughts and motivation, one of the more chill songs that will make you think. - YZM

"CitrusRap.com Interview"

Q: What are your upcoming plans musically for 2015?

Celso – We’re starting off 2015 strong with various visuals for Gemini coming soon as well as the project release currently set for March. As far as the rest of the year I plan to stay extremely busy along with everyone around me. There will be a minimum of at least one more project release later in the year. I want to make sure Gemini gets the time and attention it deserves in its entirety. You will definitely hear more from me in 2015.

Mydus – Trying to get Gemini to as many ears as possible. I’m also focusing on putting out two beat tapes this year, Blunted Jazz and Grits and Chevys.

Q: What is the story behind “Hold You Down?”

Celso – I’m basically reminding myself to keep it 100 with me and who I am at all times. I know what I want and expect out of this music game and really do not plan on settling for less or accepting ever having to dumb it down for approval or sales. Being from Miami and seeing that life style growing up it’s real easy to take a walk down the wrong path to achieve it but J. Cole has recently said it best in “Janurary 28th”. As a new comer it’s real easy to lose yourself and even give up what you believe in or stand for at the sight of a pretty penny. It’s a humbling reminder to never lose you and “Hold You Down”.

Q: How did you and Mydus team up to make the record? And do you have any other records coming soon?

Celso – After working on an album previously with Mydus, I decided that the direction Gemini was taking would be a perfect fit for him to just produce the project as a whole. I kind of wanted a few mellow tracks with that funk presence but when we got to vibing we ended up maintaining the sound through out.

Mydus – Before Gemini, I had the pleasure of working with Celso on his project Dade Dreaming and kept in touch from there. We would bounce tracks and ideas back and forth and around November, Celso reached out to me with his idea for Gemini and a couple studio sessions later, we’re here with Hold You Down. I don’t expect this to be the last time we work together on a project.

Q: We know that you have an upcoming project coming titled ‘Gemini’, what should we expect from you on that project?

Celso – Gemini is honestly the most self-reflective project I have ever had the pleasure of putting together. The mellow production Mydus cooked up was just so easy to vibe with that it really just came effortlessly. On this project you can expect to get a genuine feel for me not only as an artist but as an individual. You will hear how easy it is to relate to this work. It really is just one relatable track after another. I get into keeping sight of yourself, Relationships, everyday obstacles, knowing your potential, leaving your mark on the world and ultimately reaching whatever your idea of success looks like. Finishing touches are being put on the project and I look forward to sharing it with you real soon.

Q: What other artists or producers are you looking to collaborate with this year?

Celso – I’m interested in working with quite a few artists. It’s always good to network and keep an open mind as far as different sounds go. To name a few: Quest & Fresh Daily. I’d like to continue working with The Track Burnaz for my more upbeat tracks but production collaborations are a little harder to put together just because not every producer knows what you’re looking for. That’s a tougher bond to build. Having met Mydus was almost too perfect, He gets it done before I’ve even told him what I’m looking for. That’s rare. Good production is quite possibly the most important step to getting your material listened to and I feel like I’ve found that. If it catches my attention then lets get to work! - Citrus

"The Word Is Bond"

February 6th, 2014
Written by teckzilla
Rapper Celso teams up with Fresh Daily in bringing us some holy (pun intended) goodness. Their song ‘Holy Are You‘ tackles some serious social issues and then some. Pretty compelling, if I might add.

Tune in and get with the program. - Tekzilla

"Rapero norteamericano con sangre hondureña se abre paso en EUA"

Miami, Estados Unidos

Con su juventud a flor de piel y el amor a la música, particularmente la urbana o rap, Celso Dolmo es un rapero norteamericano con sangre hondureña que en el medio artístico es conocido únicamente como Celso y su canciones ya suenan en las radios locales de Miami.
Dolmo nació en esta ciudad hace 25 años y estudió Music Bussines en Full Sail University, pero a pesar de no haber crecido en Honduras, habla un español muy fluido, idioma que aprendió de sus padres que son originarios de Coyoles y Trujillo, en el litoral Atlántico de Honduras.
Su primer proyecto musical titulado "Diamond Turf", se puede escuchar a través de Pandora y en Iheart Radio, que son las dos estaciones por internet. También ha comenzado a sonar en la emisora K-100 en Atlanta, Giorgia, USF Bulls Radio en Tampa, Florida, CBS Radio "Tomorrows Hits Today" y en iTunes.
El cantante honduamericano habló con LA PRENSA sobre su vida y los pocos recuerdos que tiene de Honduras, imágenes y vivencias que lleva en su corazon.
¿Cuál es la canción con la que se lanzó al mundo de la música y la más popular?
La canción más popular disponible en las estaciones es "So Long" que fue mi primer gran sencillo y fue coescrito y realizado con Disciples Of The Crow; un grupo de Mobile, Alabama quienes en realidad son buenos amigos míos.
¿Escribe sus canciones?
Si escribo mis propias canciones. He estado escribiendo mis propias palabras desde los 14 años y me gusta pensar que he mejorado mucho desde entonces.
¿Qué proyectos tiene para el futuro?
Actualmente estoy trabajando en mi próximo proyecto titulado “Dade Dreaming”, que es un proyecto más personal que transmite las luchas de mi juventud y de las lecciones que he aprendido en el camino. Esas lecciones finalmente me hicieron quien soy hoy día.
¿Ha escrito alguna canción para alguien?
La canción "Holy Are You” con Daily Fresh en mi próximo proyecto “Dade Dreaming", está dedicado a mi hijo primogénito Aidan. La canción es acerca de mis preocupaciones por su futuro como el producto de una relación bi-racial y su búsqueda de aceptación en un mundo que a veces puede ser un poco cruel.
¿Ha pensado en cambiar de género musical?
Yo no le he dado demasiada importancia a hacer un cambio de género definido, simplemente porque estoy siempre en busca de nuevos sonidos, nuevas fuentes de inspiración y la posibilidad de colaboraciones. Me
encanta todo tipo de música y creo que es casi imposible de clasificarme en una sola clase de música. El rap es lo que sé y lo que soy, eso no quiere decir que no disfrute de otros géneros. “So Long” es un ejemplo perfecto, es un poco country y un poco de pop, con líricas de rap que conecta con la gente.
¿Ha pensado en hacer fusión con algún cantante hondureno?
Por desgracia no he escuchado demasiados artistas hondureños pero estoy más que abierto a ellos, si cualquier artista está leyendo y está interesado, que no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo. Incluso podemos cantar en español también.
¿Qué recuerda o conoce de Honduras?
Lo que recuerdo es muy poco, yo era un niño la última vez que estuve allí, cuando vivía temporalmente con mis abuelos. Espero poder llevar a mis hijos a reunirse con ellos pronto. Recuerdo una tierra exuberante con hermosos paisajes. Siempre me gustaba ir a la ciudad con mi abuela. También recuerdo que jugaba fútbol con mis primos y otros niños de la localidad. Los veranos los pasábamos en el río Cuyamel. No había mucho que hacer, pero nos divertíamos mucho.
¿Qué lugares visitó?
Visité La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Lima, y Las Ruinas de Copán.
¿Le gusta la comida hondureña?
¡Me encanta!

¿Cuál es su preferida?
Baleadas con una horchata bien fría.
¿Cuál es su frase preferida?
El ojo del amo engorda el caballo.

¿Qué piensa de las hondureñas?
Son Inteligentes y ambiciosas.
¿Qué le cuentan sus padres sobre el país que los vio nacer?
Mi mamá solo me dice que todo a cambiado. Todo es más costoso como en todos los lugares; la juventud es muy diferente y que a la vez ha progresado mucho el país. Ella se fue con 20 años pero regresa a ver a la familia frecuentemente.
¿Saben sus amigos que es honduroamericano?
Sí. En realidad desde que nací en Miami ser hispano no es una gran cosa o del otro mundo. Casi todos mis amigos son latinos: hondureños, puertorriqueños, dominicanos, colombianos y cubanos principalmente. Lo cómico es que los anglos no se imaginan que hablo español y cuando me escuchan, se sorprenden.
¿Tiene algún mensaje para los jóvenes hondureños que tambien son músicos?
Manténganse enfocados. Suena común y corriente pero necesitan empujar siempre. Hace un año atrás, nunca hubiese pensado que estaría donde me encuentro ahora. Aunque a veces sientan que no están llegando a su destino, estar haciendo algo es mejor que hacer nada. Tienen más probabilidades de ser descubierto que el soñador que se sienta en el sillón. No le hagan caso a las personas que les dicen que es imposible o que deben buscar una carrera alternativa. Ustedes son su propio negocio. Piensen en ustedes como un proyecto y crean sobre todo en ustedes mismos.
¿Qué significa para usted el mensaje de Albert Einstein?
Este mensaje tan intenso al principio del video significa para mí que tenemos que tomar un momento a veces y reconocer a las personas que nos rodean en lugar de mecánicamente pasarles por un lado. Todos tenemos una historia y esas historias deben ser escuchadas. Encontramos esto escrito en una pared en el downtown de Mobile, Alabama. Un pueblecito en los Estados Unidos, en el viejo sur, mientras buscábamos sitios para grabar el video. Nos encontramos un grupo de personas desahuciadas, mayormente mujeres que viven en las calles y duermen en una casa de refugio. Sus energías, aun estando en esa situacion, eran tan fuertes y bellas que en ese momento el video tomó vida, como que me hizo tomar aliento y darle gracias al Señor una vez más por todo. - redaccion@laprensa.hn


We On It feat EarthGang (2015)
J.F.K feat Arson & Slick (2015)
"No Guts No Glory"(2015)
Hold You Down(Single)(2015)
Dade Dreaming (2014)



Celso is an American Rapper and Songwriter. He was born in Miami, FL and raised across the map in New Orleans & Honduras. In late 2013 the Entertainer released his debut EP Diamond Turf that featured production from Track Burnaz and contributions from Lu Diaz of the Diaz Brothers. As of 2014, Celso’s song’s “So Long” & “What You Sayin” from Diamond Turf have been featured on DJ Epps “2014” compilation album KillerHiphop.com, The Hype Magazine, MiaJam Fest compilation album, Future Star DJ's "All Star Invasion" compilation album.

 Celso’s lead way includes appearances in Rude Boy Magazine, a publication in Asia as well as a notable interview spread in La Prensa, the national newspaper of Honduras. The Rapper/Songwriter released his debut album titled “Dade Dreamin” in July 2014. A few singles from Dade Dreamin’ such as “Holy Are You Feat. NY’s Fresh Daily” and “Lord Willin” made quite a few blog sites and radio stations like Atlanta’s K100 & Tampa's USF Bull’s Radio. Celso has appeared on Desert Storm Radio with DJ Clue & Tampa Mystic. 2014 came to a close with Celso opening up for Joel Ortiz and 2015 with him performing at the Spread Love Spread Music Festival. 

The artist is currently working on putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album "Gemini"  but is more than eager to debut it as it is the most self reflective project he has had the pleasure of working on. This project will easily become a must on your playlists as the subject matter is beyond engaging, as the audience will soon realize that they can heavily relate. The lyrical content and melodious beats are captivating in the most delectable of ways. “Gemini” was written solely by the rapper with features by Skyzoo, EarthGang and Jean P The MC. The tight knit nature of the project is one that in the end contributed greatly to its personal nature. This will be a busy year as it is only the beginning. Gemini will be released May 21st 2017.

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