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Emiliano Gomez, "El Hijo de la Cumbia", is a producer of the most prominent nueva cumbia. This fusion of traditional music from South America and dancehall, hip-hop or dubstep, inflames some years the dancefloors of the capitals of South America where Emiliano plays regularly.


Mexican accordionist Celso Pia (Born April 6, 1953), aka El Rebelde del Acorden (the Accordion Rebel), who just celebrated his 30 years career, started playing traditional music. In the early '80s, he turned to the tropical style, forming a group called Celso Pia y su Ronda Bogot.
With nearly two dozen albums to his credit, this notable Mexican singer, composer and accordionist, was nominated in 2002 for two Latin Grammy Awards -- best "Contemporary Tropical Album" and "Best New Artist From the North" -- as well as for "Best Alternative Artist" by the MTV Latino Awards.
Celso Pia, it is said, almost single-handedly created the burgeoning cumbia scene in Monterrey with his first album in 1980.

A folkloric music born in Colombia's Caribbean coastal region, cumbia sabanera and its cousin cumbia vallenata were forged from a fusion of European accordion, native Indian guacharaca (a bamboo scraper), and African rhythms played on the caja, a drum slightly larger than a bongo. Cumbia has since spread and is now one of the most universal rhythms of Latin music.

Celso Pia is a pioneer in the mixture of tropical sounds, combined with all sorts of urban and popular music, from Mexican music Nortea & Sonidera until Ska, Reggae, Rap and Hip Hop ...
n 2001, when Celso Pia's platinum single "Cumbia Sobre el Rio" (found in the soundtrack of "Babel" by Alejandro Gonzlez Inrritu) was released on his Barrio Bravo album, there wasn't a car or living room from Chicago to Chiapas that didn't have the bass booming and the sonic onslaught layered with accordion rattling their windows.

With this track, Celso Pia and producer Toy Hernndez, the mix-master wizard for Monterrey's Control Machete, created a whole new hybrid by mixing the galloping rural rhythms of Colombian cumbias with the anarchy of urban streets.

He also collaborated on projects, among others, along with Lila Downs, Control Machete, El Gran Silencio, Sonidero Nacional, Los humilde, Julieta Venegas, Blanquito Man and Sergent Garcia.
There are also several of these artists on the last album "Sin Fecha de Caducidad"published in 2009.
"Some people say my success came too late, but I've still got a lot of years ahead of me", Celso Pia says. "If God wants, I'll keep on going."

Celso Pia , who with his group Ronda Bogota , has managed to conquer the North American continent will be for the first time in Europe in 2011.

One of the most popular music of Latin American continent !

On stage Celso Pia is accompanied with 5 musicians :
Celso Pia Arvizu Voice lead + Accordion
Ruben Pia Arvizu Drums
Eduardo Pia Arvizu Bass
Juan Jose Quiroz Dominguez Choirs
Enrique Alejandro Rosales Granados Guitar
Alejandro Zea Cavazos Congas


Sin Fecha de Caducidad
Release date : 2009
Number of track : 13
by Celso Pina with Lila Donws, Pato Machete, Sergento Garcia ...

* Dile (1996)
* Mis primeras grabaciones (2001)
* Barrio bravo (2001)
* Trayectoria (2002)
* Rebelde (2002)
* Mundo Colombia (2002)
* Pachanguero (2002)
* Desde Colombia (2002)
* Super Seis (2003)
* Una Visión (2003)
* El Canto de un Rebelde para un ... (2004)
* México y su Música (2005)
* 20 Grandes Éxitos (2005)
* Línea de Oro (2006)
* Cúmbia de la Paz (2006)
* 12 Grandes Éxitos Vol.1 (2007)
* 12 Grandes Éxitos Vol.2 (2007)
* Sin Fecha de Caducidad (2009)

Set List

On stage Celso Piña is accompanied with 5 musicians :
Celso Piña Arvizu – Voice lead + Accordion
Ruben Piña Arvizu – Drums
Eduardo Piña Arvizu – Bass
Juan Jose Quiroz Dominguez – Choirs
Enrique Alejandro Rosales Granados – Guitar
Alejandro Zea Cavazos – Congas