Cemetary Blues

Cemetary Blues


What makes the Cemetary Blues experience? It is the unusual spin put to not only the songs, but the stage show itself. A Blues standard could be followed by Punk, you never know from what direction your going to be hit next. You will hear something you like, no matter what your musical tastes are.


At 12 James Stonoha overheard the Beatles album "Abbey Road." He was instantly hooked on a type and style of music that, up to that point, he had been unaware of.
Unlike most teens, James wasn't listening to the main stream, pop bands of the moment. He was more interested in rock history, and the formation and backgroud of the bands he was into.
Classic bands like the Doors, the Jimmi Hendrix Experience, the Beatles, and Ten Years After. Along with these he studied Primus, the White Stripes, CKY, and Him.
It was in high school where his life as a musician truely began. His junior year he heard "Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground", by the White Stripes and bought a guitar the next day. He taught himself to play the guitar through trial and error and shear stubborn determination.
The town he spent his teenage years in was small in size, and the outlets for musical expresion were just as small. Every band he joined seemed unable to cooperate or stay together. He wanted to play for artistic expresssion, they all wanted something differant.
The local musicans seemed to stick with a very limited range of musical genres. James always felt there was something else, something that the bands just weren't getting.
After the last band he was in broke up, he decided it was time for a change. He began writing his own songs and vocals, and composing the music he wanted.
He says, his inspirations now are not from specific bands so much as songs that have a certain feel or story to them.
The type of songs he is most drawn to all have a single underlying theme tying them together. He calls this art form "Cemetary Blues."
It's any song, regardless of genre, dealing with themes of mourning, the grave, or a fascination with death or dying. Songs of this nature are prevalent in every culture, word-wide, throughout history.
James now finds himself in Southwest Virginia. The town he resides in is close to numerous college towns both instate and in North Carolina. He sees this location as a steping stone for getting his music out.

Set List

Example Setlists

Typical setlist can range from 30-60 min of originals with the occasional cover. For an entire 120 minute "concert" the set would consist of 60 minutes of original songs and 30 minutes of covers.

Six Feet Under
Emily the Dead Girl
That Girl (cover- Overthere)
Standing at the Gate
Fall Into My Arms
One More Cup of Coffee (cover- Bob Dylan)
A Good Day
Coffee and Cake
Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground (cover- White Stripes)
That's Life
Nobody Better
Saturday Night (cover- Misfits)
My Mother Warned Me About People Like You
Argile Blues
Moonage Daydream (cover- David Bowie)
That Girl Over There
Casper the Friendly Ghost (cover- Daniel Johnston)