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"Debut album review"

Got a delicious dark quality to it. Couple dissonant chords sprinkled over the usual rhythm section and depressed vocals. [That's De-pressed not Com-pressed] Yes. The recording quality is none too good but your humble reviewer can hear beyond this to the exceptionally phat drum groove on the second song “Space”.
“Black Hand” continues the mystery with it's John Lennon - esque vocal delivery. “Red” has some cool chords and melody moments but my favorites are “Are You Mine” and “Star Baby”.
Geez I hear lots of Beatles influence: around the double White Album period. Some experimentation and lots of the - we're going to do it our way - attitude.
By the way, those are some fine notes and melodies you put together on “Little Lavar”. Nice path you've chosen musically and if you pen some hit songs I swear you could carve out a niche in the current market with your style and sound. - L.A. Joe
HH 1/2 Contact: 617-439-0760
- Soundcheck Magazine

"The Noise - June 2007"

Green Banshee Records
Nothing is Something
4-song CD
Here’s another interesting band with an ill-conceived band name. If Davy Jones sang lead for Jane’s Addiction and were augmented by Gilmour and Wright from Pink Floyd circa 1977, it would sound a lot like this CD. There is a hippy, jammy good time side to the music, while at the same time trying to be heavy, heady, trippy, and poppy. The music is as intriguing as it is perplexing. There is a major risk in making a record that’s this hard to define. When that risk pays off, there is something unforgettable about the impression it leaves and I am left unforgettably impressed. (Joel Simches)

- T Max

"Metronome Magazine Review"

Not only is Cemetery Superfly one of the coolest names we've ever heard for a rock band but this talented quintet lays down some pretty "fly" tunes on their 4-song sampler "Nothing Is Something". Scott Anderson on vocals, Jon Gouveia on guitar, Brendan Flaherty on guitar and Dennis McCarthy on drums prove without a doubt that they came to play on this great sounding CD. There's no room for fillers and the band lets it all hang out with great vocals and music!

- Douglas Sloan

"Metronome Magazine (December 2009)"

Cemetery Superfly may have made some personnel changes in the last year but it certainly
hasn't effected the innovative and cutting edge vibe the band brings album after album. Recently nominated for a Grammy award, it would seem that Cemetery Superfly has found that elusive ingredient that separates the locals from the
touring pros. On their latest release "Ghost In The Radio",the band assembles 6 hard driving songs that shimmer with powerful vocals, blazing guitar work, pithy bass lines and explosive drumming.
There isn't a weak song in the bunch but make sure to check out the inventlve "Fireflys" and the three part anthem World Without End." [D.S.]
- Douglas Sloan

"The Noise (December 2009)"

Green Banshee Music
Ghost In The Radio 6-song CD

The follow-up to their full length, "No Commercial Potential", seems to have
a lot of commercial potential after all.
This latest snippet into band's fifteen year catalog brings a new energy, a new drummer, and a decidedly straightahead
rock approach to the mix. Picture Metallica's "Black Album" combined with Alice In Chain's Dirt and Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason
put into a pop blender and served with a silly straw and it will sound a lot like
this. While not as quirky and undefined as their earlier releases, the band still
likes to play with your head, the most interesting part of this being the three part
concept piece, "World Without
End." It would be a fun ride to explore a concept album with this band, but sadly we don't quite get one here. This EP
leaves me wanting more, which is not necessarily a bad thing in this case.
(Joel Simches) - Joel Simches


1. Supernaut - 2000
2. Nothing Is Something - 2007
3. No Commercial Potential - 2008
4. Ghost In The Radio - 2009
Streaming audio and tracks available for download on both www.myspace.com/cemeterysuperflyband and www.cemeterysuperfly.com



The band started in 1999 making experimental "noise." Gradually the noise started to sound more like music and a drummer was added to the mix. Now, over ten years later, this band is still creating the most original music you will ever hear these days and it keeps getting better yet still remains true to the spontaneous originality of their former selves. With the addition of ex-Condition Blue guitarist Brendan Flaherty, drummer/vocalist Andy Gulinello and their new drummer Evan Gianoulis, Cemetery Superfly is sounding better than ever these days and their full length album titled "No Commercial Potential" was placed on the ballot for the 2010 Grammy Awards in four categories! The first single from the album (a catchy, hard-edged rocker titled “Medicine Man") has already been chosen to be on a major motion picture soundtrack and has been published by U.K. based label "Urban Angel Music" and has been released worldwide on a compilation called "Rock City" available in stores nationwide and for download on iTunes and Napster!
Continuing on their journey of creating melodic, experimental, hard rock, Cemetery Superfly has recorded what critics are saying is their best material to date with their latest release titled “Ghost In The Radio”. This 6-song EP delivers blow after blow of edgy, blistering, supersonic rock and is on the way to becoming one of the best albums released this year!