2006 - From students to thee buzz band of the East Midlands. Leeds Festival, Isle Of Wight, In The City, supporting Snow Patrol, Sandi Thom & Dead 60s, 2 tours including Club NME and DiS dates. Local & national press coverage including being in the NME's top ten unsigned bands in the world.


How 2 Escape!
'A handy and hearty guide to escaping a mundane life'

Part 1: Live and Be Glad To Be Alive
Live through England, missed penalties, constant reminders and the death of a princess. Live for England at the mercy of the Australian greasy haired bowling attack awaiting a noble giant knight named Freddie to save the day. Live in England in the pissy weather, the inconsistent temperature and the grey skies. Live the hairstyles, the shoes, the clothes and the dream. Live with grim northern monkeys and soft southern dandies, take it all in and be sure to take notes. But most of all just Live and be glad to be alive. Take Time in your hands and do whatever the [CENSORED] you want with it!!!

Part 2: Form A Band
After a few years have festered away and the days have been summoned and subsequently swallowed by the albatross of time find yourself, find your brothers and find music. Find Chris Goring, Nathan Clarke and Matt Henshaw. One a musical historian and former footballer on the first rung of the Coventry City FC academy ladder. One a psychedelic moose loving county cricket playing beatnik with Eyes Made Of Gold. And the other a connoisseur of pop music with an unhealthy obsession for someone born between a war and a rocket flying. Learn your craft, be a gang and build an army. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.

Part 3: Play The Game (But Never Lose Sight Of Your Aim)
Listen and learn. Don't forget mothers cookery tips and always use a pinch of salt. You can indeed Play The Game but you must always always stand by your name and you must never never lose sight of your aim (which is of course to escape, and if you're a little forgetful of this then start your own monthly club night in Nottingham and name it thusly, 'The Great Escape'). Indeed Play the Game, play people like Subbuteo or Lego Men and play the music . . . Loud!

Part 4: Get It On
We all know that action speaks louder than words, and Otis Redding is a man of great experience to be giving out information like this, therefore you have to go out and do it. There's no point talking about living your life in the city if YOU are not going to go and find a way out. YOU gotta make it happen. YOU gotta live your life for the stars that shine. I forget now who put these ideas into our heads but alas we are eternally grateful. The world will definitely be thankful and definitely cheer your existence When YOU Come Along, and there's no maybe about it!!

Good luck escapees!! Be sure to come back and let us know how you get on. Censored will be holding seminars up and down the country, at home and abroad and are always open to conversation. Spread the Peace, the Love and the Positive Energy.

About the authors . . . .

Borne of Nottingham, the land of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Torvill and Dean, Tricky Trees and Magnificent Magpies, there stirs a musical trio that strums, plucks, booms and thumps like nothing you've ever heard before. This musical trio and your new favourite band is Censored. Censored by name, however the sentiment, emotion and honesty is totally uncensored and soulful. Thus highlighting one of the many ambiguities of these 21st Century merry men and band of brothers, Chris Goring, Nathan Clarke and Matt Henshaw.

If you would like to know more about this publication or any other works by this author . . . . All You Gotta Do Is Ask.


All You Gotta Do Is Ask

Written By: Henshaw

Don't expect no religion
No quick fix easy answers to grace my lips
But if you want to know all my politics
Well, it's a real simple theory: "All You Gotta Do Is Ask"

You've come along, oh a long way baby
From that cute young little girl, a right little lady
You got your knickers round your ankles and a skirt nowhere to be seen
And if you want a piece then All You Gotta Do Is Ask

All I ask and all I pray
Is that you keep away from me woman
Yeah you'd better stay away

Born and raised the Il'son way
You got to learn to kick and then run away
There's no use dreaming of a better day
Well you gotta learn how to live and you'll sure learn how to pay

Stand outside, a sign by your side
And it says "£10 an hour to cum & steel your flower"
Freezing your arse off in a tiny pink sash
Well if you wanna know where the lights go All You Gotta Do Is Ask

All I ask and all I pray
Is that you keep away from me woman
Yeah you'd better stay away

I like your smile but I don't like your style
You're clapped up to the eyeballs and in a pink dress 3 sizes too small and
you smoke well this is no joke
I'm not trying to be funny but I wouldn't waste good money on you
Yeah on you
All I Gotta Do
All I Gotta Do Is Ask Copyright © 2006 Censored. Site by Reevo.

L.I.F.E (Blow It Out My Mind!)

Written By: Goring/Clarke/Henshaw

L.I.F.E (Blow It Out My Mind!)

You got life on your side
You got life on your side
And with life on your side you'll never lose the fight

You got a soul in your bones
You got a soul in your bones
And with a soul in your bones you'll never stand alone

You gotta Blow It My Mind!
Blow It My Mind!

You got the devil in your eyes
You got the devil in your eyes
And with the devil in your eyes you see the red warning skies

You got god on your side
You got god on your side
And with god on your side you can kiss your life goodbye

You gotta Blow It My Mind!
Blow It My Mind!

Standing in the the sand
I got blood on my hands
Then I fall to my knees
But the firing it don't cease
So let's stop pretending
"Life. Is. Forever. Ending."
You gotta Blow It Out My Mind . . .

You gotta Blow It My Mind!
Blow It My Mind!
Blow It My Mind!
Blow It My Mind!


Two years worth of Demos produced.

Currently selecting from a batch of well known producers and a UK label for an EP plus piecing together supporting UK dates for the new year in the run up to slots already confirmed at SxSW in Texas USA.

Set List

Currently doing half hour support slots and club nights.

Have played on stage for up to two hours.