Censored's writing builds upon groups like Hinder and Three Days Grace, while defining our groove in a fashion comparable to Finger Eleven and 10 Years. Our strong writing and live show has allowed us to participate in BodogMUSIC, Verus Festival, and Mid-American Music Festival, just to name a few.


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Formed by a single question: "How do we do this?" Censored reaches out to every aspect of a crowd. Whether it be the "hard-rock-loving-mosher" or fine ladies shakin' their asses, Censored has consistently proven their ability to captivate and stun an audience. Their catchy mainstream appeal, dripping in originality leaves the listener wanting more.
From their sound, to their look, to their outlook on what rock 'n' roll should be...

“We are entertainers. You won't walk away from our show being anything but totally blown away. This is our life, and we’re going to damn well make sure you enjoy the time we spent with you.” – Ryan Buck (Bass)

Censored has been making a name for themselves across the Midwest, ranking highly on the local charts and drawing huge crowds across many regions. Censored released their first single, "Am I Dying or Not?" in mid 2006, an emotionally driven alternative hard rock piece that spiked immediate attention in the local and regional scene. Songs like "Wrong Road" depict a relationship gone awry, while "Slutty Girl" captures the irony in today's society, and became a universal favorite amongst Midwest rockers. Censored is now posed to release their new CD in early 2009. The first single off the new CD, "Things We Hate" is already receiving radio play and quickly climbing the charts.

This rapid success has allowed Censored to share the stage with huge acts such as: The Ataris, Flaw, Machina(Future Leaders of the World), and many more. Censored participated in the Mid-American Music Festival, Verus Festival, and was selected to compete in a nationally televised competition, known as BodogMUSIC Battle of the Bands.

Censored owns their own recording studio, where they record, mix, and master all of their songs. With their unique high energy shows, catchy songs, and motivation to match, Censored's mix of alternative hard rock is destined to be a defining force in modern popular music.


Slutty Girl

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
Have you ever seen that film
where the guy tells the girl
He’d love to stay (He’s go t to go)?
Then moments in the car
he reminisces, “It’s so hard”
He’d love to stay (He’s got to go)

On his way back to her place
the radio starts to play,
just like the, just like the
song you hear!

Why not hate you?
You’re just a slutty girl
Why not tell you before you find another?
Why do we confuse all of these situations?
Why are you amused by all these complications?
Cause you on your knees
is not enough for me!

(Verse 2)
As he’s climbing up the stairs
the lyrics ringing in his ears,
resounding a truth (that he doesn’t want to hear)
His hands clasp the open door
as his heart sinks to the floor
He’d love to stay (He’s got to go)

On his way back to her place,
that fuckin' bitch, she starts to pray
just like the, just like
the song you hear!


Everything before, everything now, everything to follow…
Nothing’s gonna change!
Get down on your knees
Get down on your knees,
You’re down on your knees,
One more time!

(Chorus 2x)

Am I Dying or Not?

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
Empty out your sanity
Speak the words that carry me
Far away from illusions that cloud my head
Reaching conclusions that I still depend on
All of your selfish games
Must I beg to ask your fuckin’ name?

‘Cause I know right now, what you believe
And I’m dying for you to savor me
But I’m livin’ in this fantasy
‘Cause I know…
You’ll never be the same

(Verse 2)
You took my love but you left the pain
You fucked up my head and drove me insane
Violent tendencies ignore the fact
That in the end your all I have
You’re all my wants rolled into one
As I slip the drugs into your mug!


This story has just begun…
And I really just want you to hear the truth

(Chorus 2x)

Bleed Me

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
You scream you know how it feels
You say you sympathize
You remember being in that place
When you broke my heart tonight
You told me that you were wrong
You told me that I was right
But you've apologized for nothing
And I don't think it's fine

Not like you, we're different
It's simple
Are you with it?

I love you, I love you
I tell you that
All the things I say are just a fucking game, SO!
Bleed me, bleed me, NO!
Deceive me, deceive me, NO!
Bleed me, bleed me, NO!
Deceive me, deceive me…

(Let go, let go, let go, let go)

(Verse 2)
You stand last in a line
That you want cut in two,
You'll shut me down in a minute
And I'll beg to be through
I felt there’s something in this
But there was nothing in you
You hid from all the time
And now your fucking excused

(Prechorus 2x)

Wrong Road

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
Can you feel me? ‘Cause girl I really need you to
Do you love it when I ask you what you like?
Are you lying awake dreaming of me?
Or do you have somebody else on your mind?

Does it kill you when I,
Does it kill you when I say?

Who am I?
I don't even know myself
How could you
Put me through this hell?
I've run back
Down the wrong road
And I don't know
Which way I should go

(Verse 2)
Can you hear me when I say that I've had enough?
Or does it sound more like "I'M HAVING FUN"?
It's hard to leave when you whisper in my ear
It's your turn, and I owe you that I fear


Can you feel me? ‘Cause girl I’ve really had enough


Can you feel me? ‘Cause girl I've really had enough
Can you feel me? No you never feel me!
Can you feel me? ‘Cause girl I've really had enough
Can you feel me? No you’re not listening!
You’re never listening!

Things We Hate

Written By: Censored

I feel so broken down, like you can't believe
I've got nothing to give, but still you follow me
And now its half past ten, and no one’s awake
In this hotel room, full of things we hate

(Verse 1)
One step and you’re at the edge again
Play your games but no one really wins
You only cum when you need something
You can't get off when it's about me


(Verse 2)
Your sheets are stained with the blood of your whole life
You've rode on my coattails for the last time
You only came when you need something
You can't get off when it's about me


I've got another confession for you, my dear
A lot of things that I am starting to
Fear in your life are gonna change now
Chance a chance...

(Chorus 2x)

Nothing Left

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
It's taken so long to say this, but I really hope you hear
Was it the writing on the wall that made the evidence so clear?
You can take those pictures off your wall, ‘cause we both know that your right
Save your breath, don't say no more, you know those clothes are mine

You, you could have saved us from it all
But you, you just put up that wall
Just say no more, just walk away
There's nothing left for us to say
Just say no more, just walk away
There's nothing left, there's nothing left…

(Verse 2)
Now it’s all been forgotten, and I really hope you see
That I am not trying to burden you with me
As you sit alone another night
Call my name and hope to fight
Just something to bring us back to the way we used to be


It's taken so long to say this but I really hope you hear
Through all the games and the lies and the jealousy I fear
It's taken so long to say this but I really hope you hear
I really hope you hear...


Half of Me

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
It seems to happen every night, I won’t forget about it
The last time I spit it out we couldn’t get around it
If it matters well I’m feeling used
Fine, shut up! I’m just confused
I’ve got to find a way out of her

Hey just look at me
You don’t want to see
Half of what I have become cause
Now half of me is good enough to be
Half of what you wished you were so

(Verse 2)
What the hell? It happens every time
Have you forgot about me?
Your half tainted cracked inside just like a fucking disease
Who gives a fuck if I’m feeling used
Fine, shut up! I’m just confused
I’ve got to find a way to tell her to stop

Look at what you’ve done (Nothing…)
You say that you love her
But didn’t you fuck her (OVER)
If you cared so much you would’ve been there!

(Chorus 2x)

All For You

Written By: Censored

(Verse 1)
Are you willing to follow your dreams when you are down?
Is this world ending or are you the one to break me down?
You look into my eyes and my despair is what you see
This is the world around you open up and you will see

(Break me down)

You wanna be on top of me
I do it all for you
You wanna see what I see
But all I do is loose
You wanna know what I know
So you can take away
All of my dreams, all of my prayers
I did this all for you

(Verse 2)
You have me as the villain, you’re the hero in this scene
This movie can't go on I'm stuck inside your broken scene
Your life depended on my torture and my constant pain
This is the world around you end now one last refrain

(Break me down)





Censored is currently putting the final touches on their new CD, scheduled for release in early 2009. The first single "Things We Hate" is already receiving radio play!
In October of 2007, Censored released their first CD, a self-titled EP containing 8 tracks. The strong song writing ability showcased on this album helped push them to the top of the Myspace charts, ranking them in the top ten unsigned regional artists. "Slutty Girl", "Am I Dying or Not?", and "Wrong Road" were released as singles, and all received radio play.

Set List

We play a full range of songs from our CD, as well as a select number of covers. Our sets typically last from 45 to 75 minutes, based on our position in the lineup. We are fully capable of headlining a show, as well as any other slot in the roster.