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World rhythm and overtone singing with global influences. Acoustic instrumental and vocal music accompanied by sound layering, texturing, and theme building using digital loop recording technology. We offer centering and interfaith devotional music.


Robin O'Brien, singer, songwriter and guitarrist: i have music in my genes, and i was raised with traditional folk, classical, and early sacred music. I wrote my first song at age six, and i started recording when i was seventeen. Always, my music was for me personal, devotional, and a way to connect to myself and to Spirit. After i graduated from Berklee college of music in 1982 i entered the commercial music world. Through the years I have done ads, movie soundtracks, and sung with a variety of bands, many of them my own. My study of harmonic singing with David Hykes influenced my experience and work, and my 7 year collaboration with keyboardist David Mitros underlined my need to create music as prayer.

Andrew Maurer is a member of the santa rosa progressive rock band Seeded Skies, and has shown a musical and spiritual wisdom well beyond his 21 years

Don Campau has has produced the long running indepedent radio program,"no pigeonholes" since 1985. His own work is personal, spiritual , and innovative, bringing people of all nations together with the human need to share art and personal experience. for more info :

Dan Craig-Morse has been using acoustic instruments and looping to create soundscapes in the context of sacred space for a number of years. Using his array of instruments, he has performed the Story of Sophia, an esoteric creation story from the Judeo-Christian Gnostic tradition, which was first presented as his Master's project at the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland in 1997. He studied classical trumpet for many years and studied santur (hammered dulcimer) at the Akbar College of Indian Music in San Rafael where he met his wife-to-be in 1986. Dan is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Santa Rosa.

Melissa Craig-Morse is recognized for her ability to express Authenticy of the Sacred through her singing. She studied and performed vocal jazz in New York City and majored in classical voice performance at Sonoma State University. She is an adult and children's choir director at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in Santa Rosa, where CenterPoint is located.

Bruce Klein is guitarist extraordinaire, proprietor of Earthchild in Sebastopol and rigorous spiritual seeker. He has performed for the past 30 years and has produced an album, "One Soul's Journey". Bruce creates rich psycho-acoustic guitar sounds with transcendental effects.



Written By: robin obrien

gold stands in a column, this winter, by my right shoulder
you are the young one beside me
i am older
if time can break the spell, it's something i've never known
we'll call on the wise one
the wise one will carry the gold

i hear the column calling
from heaven to earth
but i must refuse her
to obey my birth
this is the light that explores the empty bowl
my fear is it will find me
all alone in this world

i have a gift for the giver, it weighs like a stone
it sings forever, and looks through the bone
and i will catch you there, as we fall into her hole
we'll call on the wise one
the wise one will carry the gold


robin o'brien has an internet radio station at which features her vast discography.
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for harmony festival, we are all dedicated to music that provides an opportunity for spiritual exploration and deepening prayer for all faiths or no particular faith.