Laurel, Mississippi, USA

We are a Christian Contemporary worship band based out of Laurel, MS that is seeking God through the gift of music. The band has been together since 2004. We are excited about what God has done and even more so for what He will do in the future.


In 2004 God inspired Kevin Price to start a Christian band in South Mississippi. Centertree's first gig was in August of 2004 and we have not stopped since that moment. It has been a God thing. We released our first CD in '06 and just released our second album in March of this year. Some of our influences are Casting Crowns, Tomlin, Third Day, and Shust. One thing that we have done that sets us apart from other bands, not all, but some is that we put God first, family second, and then the band. Our spouses and family members are just as involved in this ministry as we are. We are grateful for what God has done and look forward to what God will do through us in the near future.


I was there written by Kevin Price and Worship You Alone written by Kevin Price and Adrienne Whatley was aired on AFR in January of 2007. In April of this year, Let me Dance written by Kevin Price was heard on AFR. Let me Dance was featured on the IH Fanfaves chart in August where it went from the bottom of the list to #2.

Set List