Centipede E'est

Centipede E'est


Centipede E'est play earnest, speaker-damaged, freakouts. Flop jazz, free rock. EVIDENCE OF HEAVEN. LEARN AS WE DO.


"Centipede E'est is out there making golden age music for a Bronze Age scene."--Dusted Magazine

"A complex and rewarding affair into stonky, artsy territories, exhibiting some of the same looseness that blessed The Magic Band, but with more direct songs, and laden with one of the tightest and most in-synch rhythm sections performing today."--Plan B

"An embrace of the organic and some kind of twisted, natural spirituality permeates even (their) noisiest thrash."--Pittsburgh CityPaper


Centipede E'est is the sound of a rusty freighter breaking open on a foreign headland. A place where scaled animals writhe on clinking exoskeletons, spiked vegetation and ruined masses of ooze.

Centipede E'est's debut album, Cheeks of Neptune, was recorded after scant practices and no performances. The tight-knit sound was largely improvised and documented by experimental filmmaker Scott Carney.

After a year and a half of cataclysmic performances, tours with Brooklyn's Oxford Collapse, and playing with Major Stars, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Man Man, Constantines, Part Chimp, Zombi, Times New Viking and Wilderness, the sound of Centipede E'est has galvanized.

Praising/flailing in the continuum between Miles Davis' Jack Johnson sessions, early Mahavishnu Orchestra, mid-era Groundhogs, and late White Heaven/Stars, Centipede E'est are striving for new creations. Uninhibited by training, grasping for rhythmic sound.


Centipede E'est are always looking to play your town
West Coast Tour July 2006
East Coast Tour October 2006


Booking Concerns contact Caulen Kress:
centipedemusic@yahoo.com -- 412.708.7582

Promotional Concerns contact Nick Fallwell:
centipedemusic@yahoo.com -- 412.779.7006


Centipede E'est "Cheeks of Neptune"
LEGS001 Format: CD || UPC:656605887524
Label: 100 Legs Under the C
(distributed by Midheaven/Revolver USA)
(radio contact AAM, hector@aaminc.com)

V/A Unicorn Mountain Vol. 2
"Twighlight Mirage"
A Comix/Lit/Music Journal
Label: Unicorn Mountain

V/A "Revolved Back to Failure"
Mr. Roboto Project Cassette Comp 2
Label: Hard Travellin'

Set List

We have 30-40 original songs. We have done sets from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Multiple sets are negotiable.