Central Funktion

Central Funktion


The building's on fire, and you don't wanna go down without hearing the sound of Central Funktion, a band hailing from the small town of Kingston, TN that combines roots rock 'n roll with a sound inspired by the classic rock they grew up on.


It all started with a nun's guitar and a few paint cans one summer in a sweat-stained garage. Corey knew Drew. They met Jackson in high school through a demo tape. Drew's brother, Chris, and Corey's neighbor, Mark, were marching band captains that added some brass for taste. Bam! Pow! Zoom! Central Funktion.


Book of the Underage

Written By: Corey Finnell

Hey, kid!
What's that you say,
Will she stick around?
Between you and me -
Oh, brother,
There's no time for us to dick around.
We gotta move,
And quick,
No foolin' you - she's a mess-around.
There's some boy,
out there at her school -
Oh, you know that boy already
Blew her dress on down.

So now, where can she be?
Lonely out there, just like me?
Nights won't miss
Those days they kiss
At dawn for oh, so long.

Sugar baby,
Mountain alibi - sent off
For me to come, and quick!

Open the Book of the Underage,
Read what you like,
And then turn the page.
You'll find yourself
Amongst the old and dull,
Your life will sink
Until it's void and null.
Then you'll find
That somebody who is beautiful,
And you'll win.
Oh, you will...

But still -
Where can she be?
Loneliness: it comes for free.
The nights won't miss
Those days they kiss
At dawn, for oh - so long.


"Prayer (2001)"
"Nightlife of the Gods (coming in May '06)"

Set List

Sets are typically original-material, with covers from the likes of Wilco, Jimi Hendrix, The Strokes, Simon & Garfunkel, The Cars, Kings of Leon, and The Beatles.