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Long Beach, California, United States | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"“Sunday Sampler” Featured Track – “Don’t Hear Me Wrong”"

November 7, 2010
One Track Mind
“Sunday Sampler”
Featured Track – “Don’t Hear Me Wrong” - One Track Mind

"Featured Track "On A Roll""

August 25, 2010
Episode 19 of The Album Project's music podcast.
iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-album-project/id354097121
Post Link: http://thealbumproject.net/2010/08/the-album-project-podcast-19

Track Listing
1) Centrevol - "On A Roll"
2) Soletta - This Road
3) Monarch - Need It
4) The Radio Dept. - "David"
5) Lissie - "Everywhere I Go" - The Album Project Podcast

"Raise on Indie "Track of the Day""

September 10, 2010
Featured Track: "Don't Hear Me Wrong"
by Brian Morris
- Raised On Indie

"Sonicbids Artist Spotlight"

Band featured in the week of November 15 -19, 2010
Featured Artist in "Sonicbids Band Spotlight"
Sonicbids Homepage - http://www.sonicbids.com
- Sonicbids Homepage

"Artist Feature"

"If you're looking for a band that will keep you in the groove while really connecting with you then you've found them." - UM Magazine - Urban Mainstream Magazine - October 2010 Issue

"Beggars & Thieves CD Review"

Review By: Luke Toney

When I got my most recent stack of CDs to review I picked through a stack of what looked like absolute garbage. The only CD that really caught my eye (in a good way, anyhow) was a CD by a trio named Centrevol. Looking at the album liner I immediately thought “The Police.” When it comes to trios, no matter how incredible The Jam was, The Police are the most renowned and recognizable of all time. There was more to it than that; something about the look of the album, it just had a hint of new-wave about it.

So I threw it in the player. Sure enough, it has a very Sting-like feel. Jonathan Guinta’s bass really helps drive the songs with Nate Burkhardt’s drumming, and his basslines are prominently featured. The guitars and keys, both done by Peter Guinta, are spacy and add a depth to the songs. The band labels themselves as ambient alternative rock on their MySpace page, and that seems to fit.

The group stands alone though, the Sting/The Police comparison is simply that. It’s the best kind of tribute – when an act’s influences are obvious, but not overpowering. A number of slower tracks plus vocalist Peter Guinta’s voice make me think of Travis or other British rock bands. “Too Much to Ask” is one key example. “#7,” which, ironically, is track number eleven, delves into ambient jazz territory and could almost be a Chili Pepper’s song. “She Moves Me (Like a Song)” is a standout. It opens with a keyboard that slowly fades in until the drums and bass kick in and the song is off. It doesn’t let up until a bridge and breakdown at about the three minute mark. “Flame” is equally as rocking, but with a more of a head-bobbing pace. I’m also a sucker for hand claps, and “Fifth Avenue Dream” delivers on that front.

I’ve still been writing for Racket for a brief enough time that I can recall every batch of CDs I’ve reviewed for them. I can honestly say that this is the most listenable CD I’ve gotten since I reviewed the compilation of unreleased material from Rocket from the Crypt back in the summer. Many CDs a reviewer gets will only get a few spins in the player, just long enough to come up with the right adjectives to describe how terrible they are. I actually rock this one. It’s available for download on Itunes and all that jazz. If you can afford to, pick it up. These boys self-released this album; they could use the support. - Racket Magazine, Jan 5, 2009

"Review: Centrevol - Beggars And Thieves"

Centrevol took their brand of melodic rock across country in 2006 from their home base in Boston to Long Beach, California looking for the overnight LA success story. What they found instead were the trials and tribulations that face a new band in an overcrowded media market, spending much of their first year sleeping in one bedroom, with a hand-made triple-bunk bed. The band worked at odd jobs and fought LA traffic just to get to rehearsals. Never looking back or looking down, Centrevol kept the faith and kept clawing their way upward. The band's outlook is much different today. After winning the $10,000.00 grand prize of the Mai Rai Rumble, Centrevol had the resources to fund their full-length debut, Beggars And Thieves. Written mainly about their experiences in L.A. (including rabid bicycle poachers), Centrevol have found a soft edge against which they lay their brand of melodic rock and roll.

Beggars And Thieves opens with She Moves Me (Like A Song), sounding a lot like classic U2. Vocalist Pete Guinta has something of a Bono sound, and the music could fit in with late 1980's U2 catalog material quite easily. Flame and Fifth Avenue Dream continue on this track, although Fifth Avenue Dream has a little more punch than you might expect. Fifth Avenue Dream may be the most commercially viable song on the album. Centrevol changes pace with Lose Yourself, a gorgeous ballad about the value of integrity ("And if you sell your soul for a song / who will sing along?"). The song has gorgeous harmonies and a swaying melody line that sticks with you.

Pretty Machines has an unusual opening that sounds like something out of the Queen songbook before returning to the U2-style grand themes. Too Much To Ask is another turn at the trough of balladry and has the sort of pensive, angst laden song that tends to hold prominence on mix-tapes and teen comedies about love. Safety is perhaps the most frenetic song on Beggars And Thieves, moving along at a dangerous pace and turning out as perhaps the best rock song here. Other highlights include the bardic Beggars and Thieves, the melodic punk rocker Rumor and Dose Of Hope.

Centrevol is going to get tagged as a U2 clone. I don't think that can be avoided as there is a lot of similarity in their respective sounds. There is enough of a difference here to call them cousins and leave it at that. Centrevol is a highly talented group writing great rock melodic rock songs that sit on the outer edge of the pop wheel. Beggars And Thieves may have been a major hit twenty years ago. Today it will likely be an underappreciated yet still incredible album.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Published November 17th, 2008. at
http://wildysworld.blogspot.com/ - Wildy's World Reviews

"Live Review: 5.21.09"

Centrevol and Lady Danville
Neato Burrito - 5.21.2009 - Spokane, WA

Matt’s super cool younger sister Amy gave him a call yesterday telling him about this band named Centrevol that played at S.C.C. for the students. Amy loved it and found out that they would be playing at Neato Burrito later that night. So of course Matty and I met her and her boyfriend James down at Neato Burrito to enjoy some live music. The first band to play was from L.A. and they were called Lady Danville.

We arrived at Neato Burrito around 9:30pm and the second I heard sound check I knew that they were going to be a cool band to see! Love them! Lady Danville consists of three boys, one on keys, one on guitar, and one on percussion. On top of all the instruments the three of them sing together and have pop vocal harmonies that are sweeter then sunshine and lollipops. There weren’t a lot of people at Neato Burrito but what was cool about that was that the band was still having fun giggling and smiling. They were a perfect band for a summer night.

The kid on percussion stuck out to me the most because not only did he keep a beat going in every song but he also managed to play a little xylophone or shake a maraca at the same time. He rocked it. My other p.f. (personal favorite) thing about the band was that they killed an acoustic style cover of MGMT’s “Kids.” It was different enough for it to take me awhile to realize what song it was, but it sounded awesome. Almost like it better then the original. They also managed to cover a little Lilly Allen and play plenty of originals! At the end of their set they even handed out free L.P.’s – very nifty! They had a lot of charm and I would love to see them again, so since you love Spokane so much Lady Danville, you better be back!

Since Neato Burrito isn’t technically a “music venue” I was super surprised when Centrevol hoped in there and sounded great with a full band. Centrevol was cool to see live, they were pretty polished. It was kind of funny, earlier both Centrevol and Lady Danville were playing to the cops on bikes while they were getting set up. As Matty said “they are the best street performers in Spokane .” I liked the snazzy vests that Centrevol had on, they were looking good! It was cool to see a younger band rock Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” I am a little embarrassed to admit, I knew the song but had no idea it was a Marvin Gaye song. Learn something new everyday!

More people started to show up and by the end of the night it ended up being this really cool show featuring touring bands not from Spokane ! Plus it was free!

Thanks to S.C.C. for getting both bands to come play at the college which then resulted in the fun little show at Neato Burrito and thanks to Amy for getting us to come down to the show! Keep a look out for both Centrevol and Lady Danville, I think Spokane will start to hear a little bit more from them!

Andrea@checkitoutmusic.com - Checkitoutmusic.com

"Mai Tai Rumble 2007 Winners!"

1st Place Winner in Rock/Alternative Category; including $10,000 in cash and prizes. - Mai Tai Bar, Long Beach, CA

""...they should have named the album ‘Explosion’" (Momentum Album Review)"

Normally the arrogance displayed in lyrics of “On A Roll” is a dangerous thing, but in this case, Centrevol, or more aptly, ‘Momentum’ does a tremendous job proving that any ounce of praise it will undoubtedly receive is fully earned.

Both “On A Roll” and “Save Yourself” demonstrate amazing song writing and an ability to single handily make you a fan of the band. On the other hand, “Don’t Hear Me Wrong” and “Ready To Go”, while just as good of songs, are ones that will take a few more listens before you feel the same about them. I appreciate the band’s decision not to fluff up the tracks with cheap hooks, but rather use strong choruses and depth in the verses to get the listener to come back over and over.

Ironically, one of the albums missteps is “I Walk The Line”. Actually, I wouldn’t say it’s a misstep per se, but just not the right choice to include the Johnny Cash cover on the EP. I could easily imagine the band keeping the song in their back pocket as a live show, crowd pleasing, song that people can sing along with, but in the context of ‘Momentum’ it’s more distracting than anything.

I get why the band picked the album’s title, but since the word momentum provokes imagines of something rolling down a hill, slowly picking up speed I think they should have named the album ‘Explosion’ or something like that. I love this EP and have a feeling that this EP won’t be slow moving and all the band needs is to get the songs in front of people for this record to take off.

Rated: 4 out of 5. - The Album Project

"Past/Future College/University Performances"

- Californa State University Long Beach (Spring, Summer & Fall 2007)
- Johnson @ Wales University, Denver, CO (December 2008)
- Northern Arizona University (Feb 2009)
- Southern Utah University (Feb 2009)
- Salt Lake City Community College - Redwood, South City, West Jordan Campuses; (Feb 2009)
- Utah Valley University (Feb 2009)
- Eastern University (March 2009)
- Northwest College (April 2009, April 2010)
- Montana State University - Northern, (April 2009, September 2009)
- Whitman College (April 2009)
- Oregon Institute of Technology (April 2009)
- Spokane Falls Community College (May 2009)
- Western Nevada College (May 2009)
- University of the Pacific (May 2009, August 2009)
- University of California - Merced (May 2009, August 2009)
- Boise State University (May 2009)
- Idaho State University - Idaho Falls (May 2009)
- Eastern Oregon University (May 2009)
- Mt. Hood Community College (May 2009)
- Eastern Washington University (May 2009)
- Green River Community College (May 2009)
- Spokane Community College (May 2009)
- Pierce College - Puyallup (May 2009)
- Edmonds Community College (May 2009)
-Western State College of Colorado (August 2009)
- St. Martin's University (September 2009)
- Carroll College (September 2009)
- California State University East Bay (January 2010) - NACA

"Emergenza National Finalist"

National Finalist in a world-wide battle of the bands. Competing in the LA National Finals, July 11th 2008 - for a coveted prize trip to play at a Germany music festival, and many more prizes.
See <http://www.emergenza.net> - Emergenza International Competition

"College Performance Feedback"

Performance Date: May 6, 2009; August 27, 2009
Great experience, the band was great and really easy to work with and [the students] enjoyed their music. Great band to have at your campus! Brings your event to life!
Enrique Guzman, Student Life Programs Manager, University of California Merced - Merced, CA

Performance Date: August 22, 2009
Centrevol came to Western State College for our Week of Welcome downtown event. Centrevol was a pleasure to work with. Centrevol’s performance was one of the best at our concert. They gave the spectators fun, energy filled music to move to by getting them involved and by providing a great environment. I highly enjoyed Centrevol and am very pleased to have brought them here to Gunnison, Colorado. Centrevol is of the best artists we have ever worked with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality music. Easy to work with and are downright great guys. We look forward to having them back sometime in the future!
Elijah Redding, Director of the WSC Program Council, Western State College - Gunnison, CO

Performance Date: May 27, 2009
Each member of Centrevol was courteous and respectful to our students and staff. I was pleased with their flexibility as any event requires it. They were accommodating as their rider specs were not completely fulfilled which meant a lot to us on that busy day. The audience was engaged and really enjoyed the music. The band attracted a diverse audience. They are incredibly easy to work with which matters a great deal to people in our profession. We don’t have the time to deal with high maintenance musicians and this band certainly wasn’t that!
Michelle Butler, Assistant Director for Student Leadership Programs at Edmonds Community College - Lynnwood, WA

Performance Date: April 30, 2009
From what my students told me, you guys were great to work with as far as stage needs and flexibility. I enjoyed working with you guys a lot! You were prompt, friendly, flexible, and most importantly, didn’t act entitled to any special “rock star” treatment. High energy! Even though we had a small turnout, those that came LOVED the show! They were into it and you guys kept them engaged the whole time! I also loved that you guys went into the res hall and talked to students and tried to get them to the show. I think that really helped! I wish more of our bands would come early enough to do that kind of thing! You guys rock!!...love to bring you again!!!
Chris Frazier, Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator, Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls, OR

Performance Date April 28, 2009; September 4, 2009
They are awesome to work with. They are so easy to please and helpful with setting up our sound. thanks. I Love their music and showmanship. The drumming at the end of the show is excellent. Mixing in a couple of cover songs in the show works very well! The students always enjoy hearing songs they know and it holds their interest and helps them enjoy your music. This is the second time Centrevol has performed on campus in the past 6 months. Obviously our students love them!!!
Denise Brewer, Director of Student Activities, Montana State University Northern - Havre, MT

Performance Date: Feb 11, 2009
I met Centrevol at NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) and was lucky enough to have them come and perform at our campus last spring. When I first met the boys I was not ecstatic about bringing them, but then I took a second to get to know them and realized why they would be great. In both attending and creating many activities, I have seen the most successful ones being with performers who bring out the best in the students. Not only does Centrevol perform, but they interact and make a large impact on the students that they encounter.
The day of our activity it was great to have performers who knew what they were doing and were prepared. They are a group that not only put on a great show, but know how do so in a very timely manner. It only took about an hour for set up and a half hour for take down. The boys also have this aura about them that make you want to help and spend time with them. The work prior too and after the show was almost as much fun as the show itself.
Working with Centrevol was one of the greatest memories I have from last year. Not only are they great, affordable, and charming, but they also bring the party to wherever they may be. I am honored to have had Centrevol perform at SLCC, and to also have the priviledge of knowing all these men. They are all unique individuals, and all bring a necessary part to the group as a whole, and this is what makes them as great as they are! There is not a band out there that I would recommend more than Centrevol and hope that you, your school, and your student body have the opportunity to host this great band at your campus.
Jessalyn Abt, Jordan Region Vice President at Salt Lake Community College - Salt Lake City, UT - NACA West Region

"Most Sought Act @ NACA West 2008"

Though a freshmen act at the NACA Regional Conference West in Ontario, CA, Centrevol's opening night performance secured them the top spot as the most sought after act in the conference, earning over 33 booking solicitations. - NACA West Conference 2008


Momentum EP, To Be Released September 29, 2010
1. Don't Hear Me Wrong
2. Ready To Go
3. On A Roll
4. I Walk The Line
5. Save Yourself
6. Looking Around
7. Shine A Light

Beggars & Thieves (LP), Released November 7th 2008
1. She Moves Me (Like A Song)
2. Flame
3. Fifth Avenue Dream
4. Tickity Talk
5. Lose Yourself
6. Pretty Machines
7. Too Much To Ask
8. Safety
9. Consequence
10. Beggars and Thieves
11. #7
12. Rumor
13. Dose of Hope

City of Angles (EP), August 2006.
1. Fifth Avenue Dream
2. Positive Thinking
3. 20 Million Watts
4. Moment of Now
5. One Step Closer



Four years ago, Peter, Jon and Nate spontaneously disappeared, leaving behind a simple note for their loved ones: Gone to see about a band. With little more than a guitar, bass and snare drum, the boys dubbed themselves Centrevol (centr + love backwards) and, in one fell swoop, toured/moved from Boston to Long Beach, California.

Inspired by the likes of U2 (because, let’s face it, who isn’t?), the killers, Coldplay and early Police, Centrevol began writing high-energy-down-to-earth-dance-rock or “music for the morning workout.”

With the help of engineer/producer Wyn Davis (Sublime, No Doubt), the band independently financed “Beggars and Thieves” (LP, 2008), and added the multi-talented, Berklee-bred Kai-Ping Liu to play keys and lead guitar. That same year, Centrevol beat out more than 500 competing bands in the International Emergenza Festival and won first place and a $10k prize in the Mai Tai Rumble’s Battle of the Bands. The energetic quartet was also the most booked act at the 2008 NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) West Regional Conference.

Working with producer Eric Palmquist (The Ataris), mixer Jason Livermore (Rise Against, MxPx) and mastered by Pete Lyman (The Mars Volta, Bloc Party, BRMC), the boys have recently completed work on a new "Momentum" EP released in September of 2010, a barroom hymnal composed of pop hits that the whole world will sing.

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