Long Beach, California, USA

Centrevol is an independent pop-energy-dance-rock band from Long Beach, California. Their relentless drive and energetic live show has brought them to the forefront of regional and national competitions and has captivated college audiences across the country.


Four years ago, Peter, Jon and Nate spontaneously disappeared, leaving behind a simple note for their loved ones: Gone to see about a band. With little more than a guitar, bass and snare drum, the boys dubbed themselves Centrevol (centr + love backwards) and, in one fell swoop, toured/moved from Boston to Long Beach, California.

Inspired by the likes of U2 (because, let’s face it, who isn’t?), the killers, Coldplay and early Police, Centrevol began writing high-energy-down-to-earth-dance-rock or “music for the morning workout.”

With the help of engineer/producer Wyn Davis (Sublime, No Doubt), the band independently financed “Beggars and Thieves” (LP, 2008), and added the multi-talented, Berklee-bred Kai-Ping Liu to play keys and lead guitar. That same year, Centrevol beat out more than 500 competing bands in the International Emergenza Festival and won first place and a $10k prize in the Mai Tai Rumble’s Battle of the Bands. The energetic quartet was also the most booked act at the 2008 NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) West Regional Conference.

Working with producer Eric Palmquist (The Ataris), mixer Jason Livermore (Rise Against, MxPx) and mastered by Pete Lyman (The Mars Volta, Bloc Party, BRMC), the boys have recently completed work on a new "Momentum" EP released in September of 2010, a barroom hymnal composed of pop hits that the whole world will sing.

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Fifth Avenue Dream

Written By: Centrevol

There's a girl in pearls
Who's got the world, in the corner
While a boy at the bar
Looks like a star I've heard of
There's a queue at the door
And a crowd on the floor has gathered
'Cos the stakes are high
But the contents never matter

You've got me tongue-tied
Longing for the bright lights
Standing in the great heights
In the middle of the scene
You'll see my best side
Shining in the night life
Climbing up the outside
Of a Fifth Avenue dream

You can count on this
That no one is the real thing
But it's midnight, baby
And we're all beyond our means
There's time to tell
But save it for the morning
'Cos we'll play the game
Till sunlight sounds the warning

On A Roll

Written By: Peter Guinta / Centrevol

Well it wasn't something that i did
'Cos Lord knows i don't work
And people take offense
when you ain't making rent
and you still get dessert

I've been looking in the mirror
Hoping to see clearer
the reasons for my health
I've been digging deeper
Searching for the secrets
Why things are well

Baby, we're on a roll
Right where we belong
Everything is going right
We can do no wrong tonight
Baby, we're on a roll

I've been looking at my peers who
Have it, or appear to never lose a step
If we've got the movement
Then we've got to use it
Before there's nothing left

Well i've been rolling with the ride
Where love is never hard to find
And i know it's only a matter of time
An open door and i step inside
The simple story of my life, all my life

Baby, we're on a roll
Right where we belong
Everything is going right
We can do no wrong tonight
Baby, we're on a roll

When everything you know is wrong
Get it right before too long
And baby, we'll get on a roll


Momentum EP, To Be Released September 29, 2010
1. Don't Hear Me Wrong
2. Ready To Go
3. On A Roll
4. I Walk The Line
5. Save Yourself
6. Looking Around
7. Shine A Light

Beggars & Thieves (LP), Released November 7th 2008
1. She Moves Me (Like A Song)
2. Flame
3. Fifth Avenue Dream
4. Tickity Talk
5. Lose Yourself
6. Pretty Machines
7. Too Much To Ask
8. Safety
9. Consequence
10. Beggars and Thieves
11. #7
12. Rumor
13. Dose of Hope

City of Angles (EP), August 2006.
1. Fifth Avenue Dream
2. Positive Thinking
3. 20 Million Watts
4. Moment of Now
5. One Step Closer

Set List

Originals //
On A Roll
Ready To Go
Looking Around
Save Yourself
Don't Hear Me Wrong
Shine A Light
Regretfully Declined
Out of Control
She Moves Me (Like A Song)
Fifth Avenue Dream
Tickity Talk
Lose Yourself
Pretty Machines
Dose of Hope
20 Million Watts
Beggars and Thieves
Too Much To Ask

Covers //
I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
It'll All Work Out (Tom Petty)
So Alive (Ryan Adams)
Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
Message in a Bottle (Police)
With or Without You(U2)
What's Goin' On? (Marvin Gaye)
Daytripper/Hey Jude (The Beatles)

Typical set is approx. 60 minutes, with the capacity to play 90 minutes.