Century Blue Project

Century Blue Project


We're different, not your usual dose of dance music. We are a lot more interesting.


Our music is like 80's Europop with a modern twist and soulful edge. Maybe pop would be the better word, or electronic pop. We haven't found a name for how we describe our music. There's a punk-rock and ska influence combined with dance music with a touch of Erasure. It's a little bit of everything. We think that's the way music is heading now, too. That's something the Internet has done. You don't have to be in a specific genre anymore for someone to like your music. Someone out there is going to like what you're doing. We had a different idea of what dance music could be. It didn't all have to be electronic and pop. It could also have some guitar and sound a little bit different. When it was time to start performing, we needed another vocalist. I (Marss) performed previously with Lorie Madison, who on occasion has worked with Steve Bronski of Bronski Beat and it just took off from there. So Century Blue Project is a collective of three: two vocalists and one guitarist.


You can go to http://www.myspace.com/centuryblueproject and also: http://www.myspace.com/madeve to hear our sounds.

Set List

We can play sets up to an hour at a time. We play originals and covers from Celne Dion to Michael Jackson to Erausure and anything we can put our stamp on in between