BandHip HopJazz

Dynomite Sounds, Creative Sound Selection, Out of Bounds Sounds, Explosive Sound


My tracks are different, if your looking for something diffrent in music production. I am the producer of your choice, my influence for production are strictly Hip Hop. Dj premier, Mike Dean, Dj Quik, Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Real life, Kronos,JB, The list can go on but these magnificient
producer inspired me the most to become a producer. I work late nite 2 am- 6 am making tracks. I will produce a track in 15 minutes are less and about 30 tracks in a week. Making a track was a funny thing my wife believed that my tracks sound like star wars. I was Setting around Real Life learning bars I became a producer. I purchased keyboards and drum machine ,guitars, drum sets going towards the goal of "PRODUCING"


Embargo "Under Rated" Album
Gangsta Nigga "Under Rated " Album Co produced
Weed Food And Gas "Weed Food And Gas" Album
After The Club "401 FOR A HUSTLER" Album
Reality "Ace Tre"
Playa "Plus One"
Strapped "FireBall"