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Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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LET ME TELL ALL OF YOU WHY I DO THIS. I was Born and raised in Austin Texas (2-1)I spent the first seven years of my early childhood in Queens New York in Bland Projects. My father moved me back to Texas around eight years old and from then on I made occasional summer visits. I didnt see my father much growing up. working long nights as a Port Authority officer at the World Trade Center kept him away. On his days off I spent time with him doing what he loved most, making music. For years he worked hard for the family, so he wasn't able to pursue music like he wished.The fact that he couldn't, inspired me to fulfill out that goal since the age of 12. From then on I watched my father closely. I learned how to work equipment and started writing songs and poetry just like him.I told my father my plan was to pursue music as a career, and go to college to learn more about business that I didnt learn from reading. Originally my plan was this: once I graduated from college, he would be near retirement and we could start a music company together. Things were going according to plan until after my graduation in May 2001...September 11, 2001 my father tended to saving lives while at work due to terrorist attacks, suddenly my life changed. After days of searching for survivors in the 9-11-01 attack my father was announced deceased in one of the towers while escorting civilians. The pain and rage I felt at that moment was beyond belief of an explanation. So at that point i was like "what now?" I was nearly going to give up on all my dreams and goals, and forget about what my father worked so hard for. I had to become something in life and provide for my family in the future the same way he did for me. Standing around depressed wasn't going to help me succeed at all. With the support and encouragement of my mother I continued with the plan I set.2002 I started my own label, signed my artists, got a production team together, constructed a well-designed studio and a staff, and enrolled into Texas State University. My plan to continue the "dream" then began. The loss of my father is my determination to show this nation I have what it takes to make this label one of the best constructed in history. My label consists of artists with versatility, creativity, and a work ethic like no other. Im carrying out a promise and fulfilling a dream. Already releasing a major album in 2006 with IMPAC'S - ALMOST FAMOUS, 2008 major labels will realize I mean business and failure is not an option. I call myself Checkmate because to me this career is just like chess. It takes timing and strategy to take over the board then the game is yours. 2008 Above All Entertainment "The New Era of the South" - Checkmate

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