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Doylestown, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Doylestown, PA
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Clear Plastic Masks and CERAMIC ANIMAL Play MilkBoy Thursday Night"

It’s no secret that the Rock On Philly staff are big fans of Doylestown psych-rockers Ceramic Animal and their wonderful debut album The Cart. They will be returning to Milkboy this Thursday, and needless to say the band will put on another one of the rousing sets that have caused their last few Milkboy shows to sell out. - Rock On Philly

"MilkBoy 5th Anniversary w/Ceramic Animal at MilkBoy Aug. 13th"

Whether it’s a gradual climb, turbulent, enriching, guitar boosters, or a backend thrust that tempers those confident gravitational vocals, Ceramic Animal catches ones ear with their psych-pop semblance. That casual air lures, and then invigorates, tapping into astral grooves that sharply tunnel at warp speed as the instruments push toward their limits. It’s loose with the capacity to quickly flip the switch and push the afterburners. Tonight, as the band participates in the final night of the 5-year celebration for Milkboy, they’ll be joined by soulful blues inferno of Foxtrot & the Get Down and the energetic contemporary southern rock of The Weeks. - The Deli

"The Key Studio Sessions: Ceramic Animal"

Stylish Bucks County four-piece Ceramic Animal dabbles in psychedelic rock of the classic variety. The keyboard-and-guitar interplay you’ll hear in this week’s Key Studio Session hits an undeniable Doors-esque sweet spot; the guitar solos (particularly on “Codename Righteous”) are totally Pink Floyd. However, as much as the band informs its sound by history, it works with one foot in the now, and is getting ready to release its self-titled debut album this fall.

We first caught Ceramic Animal last summer at World Cafe Live’s Beta Hi-Fi competition, and the set they turned in was impressive. In the ensuing year, they’ve treated us to a series of teaser tracks and whimsical music videos – like this one for “Maybe,” shot along the banks of the Neshaminy Creek. With a gig coming up on Saturday, August 13th on MilkBoy’s five-year anniversary weekend, the band swubf by XPN Studios to record a four-song set with us.

Listen to Ceramic Animal’s Key Studio Session below, watch a video for the expansive “Codename Righteous,” grab a free download via Soundcloud and get tickets and more information on the MilkBoy gig here. - The Key

"Philly SOTW: Ceramic Animal- “Maybe”"

Ceramic Animal a seemingly fun loving 4-piece consisting of brothers Warren, Erik and Elliott Regan and Walker Gall, recently released their first live action music video for the song “Maybe” a track from a new album.

A perfect summer tune that reminds one of a lively romp at the beach or as shown in the music video a delightful picnic in the park, a playfulness that can transcend throughout the year. The Psych-Rock band seems to have fun with the genre, exploring sounds as well as emotions to make listeners vibe along. Make sure to put this song in your next summer playlist before you head out to enjoy a day in the sun, and check out the new album when released later this month. - Next North West

"But First, A Picnic"

Amidst washed out lighting, four-part Ceramic Animal gets back to barefoot basics, bringing rhythmic comedy into its new music video for the band’s latest single, “Maybe.” Though sound seems to direct itself down a new avenue, band members are certainly following its lead. Entering stage through a reverse rabbit hole sequence, the group emerges fashionably late, donning its traditional threads - matching suits.
Following the debut of its first album, this latest track invites newcomers and seasoned vets alike to tune into modern music in its most measurable feat: versatility. The upbeat melody, carrying over fragments from its psychedelic predecessors, provides a multicolored machine in which ears process sound.
With its upcoming show in Philly at Underground Arts on July 11 with The Binary Sea and Lou, Ceramic Animal’s “Maybe,” offers a catalyst for what listeners can expect from the group’s assumed longevity: swirling abstract sound.
Whether on land or out to sea (ankle-deep creek), Ceramic Animal distributes its sound to any audience keen on expanding its musical palate. - Buzzfeed

"Ceramic Animal: The Anti-hero,The Trickster, The Lovable Rogue and The Youngest Son."

We caught Ceramic Animal a few weeks back when they performed at Bourbon & Branch as part of the Queen of Jeans month-long residency in May and we were intrigued. The bandmates all wore maroon suits and dark turtlenecks and their music had that jauntiness that matched their mod aesthetics. The packed crowd danced and howled along to every song.

Ceramic Animal, comprised of Walker Gall and the Regan brothers – Warren, Erik and Elliott, just released a new video (below), they’ll perform at Underground Arts on Saturday with Lou and The Binary Sea, and they’ll officially drop their debut album on June 30.

We spoke to frontman Warren Regan about the four-some from Doylestown.

Who is Ceramic Animal and where did you guys come from?

CA is a collection of four cool dudes in loose moods. We hail from the slums of Doylestown, PA. But we have all lived in either Philly or NYC at one point or another, so don’t think that we aren’t hip!

You guys are brothers? That’s a very talented family. Who encouraged you guys to be artistic?

Talented family? Gosh, that is very nice of you to say. Unfortunately, Walker Gall is not part of the family yet. But the blood has been spilt and on the next full moon, his indoctrination into our brotherhood will come to fruition and then he will be just as talented as the rest of the band.

Our Pee-paw got us all instruments when we were little boys. We would play for Pee-paw every morn.

Do all the bandmates have different characteristics? The shy one, the flirt, the brain, etc?

Most people think we don’t differ at all from each other because we will wear matching outfits on stage – they are riot, those dunces. But It has been speculated that Erik Regan is the anti-hero, Elliott Regan is the trickster, Walker Gall is the lovable rogue and I am the youngest son.

But the story is still panning out. For all we know, we may be the good guys.

What influences your music? How do you describe the sound?

We’ve been described by some as sounding like the Pacific Life “Tail Slaps Fight Song” commercial but others have said we are more like if Joe Meek’s ghost entered Arthur Brown and he helped record Spiritualized’s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space with Mott the Hoople.

Can’t think of any influences at the moment.

Can you tell us about the upcoming album?

It has been done for a bit now but everyone keeps telling us to wait to release it. So, maybe it sucks.

What’s on the horizon for the band?

We are going to get our matching suits dry cleaned and then sell out Underground Arts on Saturday. - JUMP Philly

"Ceramic Animal “Mad” Official Music Video"

Slightly surfy, definitely pop oriented and completed by psych undertones, Doylestown indie rockers, Ceramic Animal, just released their new single “Mad” off of their self titled release due out this April. Letting the song take the reigns on this one, the video is mostly just their name and some graphics on a white background. In the background is a color swirl of liquid that absolutely will satisfy your visual senses while the song is playing.

A soft duo of guitars start the song off and when the drums, bass and keys come in it’s a soothing wash of weirdness that washes over you. A sneeringly soulful vocal style accompanies the song, perfectly and totally adds to the song quality at about 1000%. “Oh darling baby oh no / You’re driving me mad” are lyrics anyone can get behind as the lyrics are without explanation relatable by everyone. The whole song has this hook that will have your head nodding for sure, but what I love the most about it is the lo-fi feel of the vocals and how the drums and bass are so in sync! The guitar solos at the end are totally rad and over all the structure of the song is completely solid! - Radio Static Philly

"Escape The Pope Weekend"

The Show Goes On: Escape the Pope weekend crowds with these awesome gigs just outside of Philly

XPN favorites Dr. Dog will be playing a show in Bethlehem, PA at Steel Stacks as a part of the Yuengling Summer Concert series... - WXPN The Key

"CERAMIC ANIMAL - Center Stage"

Happy 20th Episode!! Dan & Greg find a reason to hang out with the band Ceramic Animal to discuss their upcoming show on Friday 09/25 at Sellersville Theater. They discuss the process of creating a song, writing lyrics, why music belongs at night, and hear four songs (and one work in progress) performed LIVE on the podcast!

Special thanks to Sellersville Theater for the use of their space and equipment to record, and thanks for this exclusive offer: call (215) 257-5808 to purchase tickets to the show... - A Reason to Hang Out (ARTHO Podcast)


The Cart



CERAMIC ANIMAL is an American Indie Rock project from north of Philadelphia.

The recipe goes something like four fingers cask strength classic rock with a twist of surf grunge and a psych rock chaser. It can be served wet or topless but never neat.

Critics say they are "...reminiscent of lo-fi baroque pop Dr. Dog, neo-psychedelia Tame Impala and blues rock Jack White". YouTube fans insist they sound like the  "...the Black Keys, Kings of Leon, and The Growlers all in one". Brazilian fans insist 
"Som fantástico!!!! Demoro para ganhar o mundo." 

Matt Pinfield (Former MTV Veejay and Executive Producer w/ The City Drive Group):
[The Single] "Mistakes is so fucking good! The song has such a beauty and natural flow... As I loved you as people, so glad I loved that song!"
Greg Shones & Daniel Faga  (From A Reason to Hang Out Podcast) 
"You basically capture everything I love about 1967-1973 but inject a modern life into it and make it your own. It's so rare to hear such a diverse range of sounds come from one band yet still maintains a common thread tying that ties everything together and makes it distinctly you."

Band Members