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"Sunset Strip Radio"

Reminiscent of a Blondie/Go Go’s cocktail mixed with a stiff splash of straight
punk, Ceramic Holiday’s cooled-out punk-lite is certainly tuneful and loaded
with nicely melodic guitar riffs and sassy vocal moments. Set opener "Love
Haze" is a punky pop morsel that slowly but steadily churns along with an
especially Blondie-esque attitude. "Never" is likely the most effective tune as
it immediately begins with frontwoman Jennifer Robinson snapping a
resounding, "I could never love you!" Guitarist Paul Anthony Arellano answers
each of Robinson’s vocal lines with a catchy two-note motif, and the rhythm
section (comprised of drummer Kathleen Ogushi and bassist Kent Fernandez)
lays down a full, healthy rock groove that propels the song along.

Overall the CH sound is raw, but intriguingly clean and precise at the same
time. Onstage, each member has a good time and the vibe is generally loose.
Robinson is the focal point; she’s all smiles and waving arms, whether spitting
a bit of venom during the aforementioned "Never" or simply chiding the crowd
to "Bang your head and lose your mind!" throughout "H. Banger." Arellano
stakes his claim to stage right with a legs-spread rock stance and loses
himself in the riffage, while Ogushi and Fernandez share moments with a
giddy glance here and there when they’re not similarly losing themselves in
their own parts.

So attending a Ceramic Holiday show is a pleasant experience -- something of
a laid-back, head-bobbing affair as far as 40-minute rock and roll shows go.
It’s unclear whether the folks in Ceramic Holiday would cringe upon hearing
such a description, as many bands with punk influences might. It’s obvious
that they first and foremost play for fun, and don’t necessarily feel the need
to conjure that extra spark or air of danger that other starving-artist bands
on the scene have about them.

Every facet of the band’s material and performance starts off at around a 7
out of 10 on the rock and roll energy scale -- which ain’t bad. In short, Ceramic Holiday has a lot to offer. - Mike Moore


Self Titled EP and full length CD's



CERAMIC HOLIDAY takes deep melodic guitar riffs, adds a good-old-fashioned punk rock rhythm section and tops it off with powerful vocals to make up an angry, soulful sound that's all their own. The band’s demo was called a “definite punk masterpiece” by The Global Muse on-line magazine. In the Feb 14-27 issue of Campus Circle Magazine the Music Editor wrote: "Ceramic Holiday is making waves in and around Los Angeles..." "...the kind of band you can envision playing late Wednesday nights in crowded smoky, dives to cool kids who sneaked out their bedroom windows and audiophiles who know where to go to here "real" music."

In January, 2002 the band celebrated the release of their 1st album at the world famous Roxy Theatre. They just completed shooting their first music video for the song “Love Haze” with up-and-coming director Robert Johnson III. And their popular club hit “The Haunt” is featured in “Mimic II” soundtrack produced by Miramax. The band also launched a website at www.ceramicholiday.com.

It all started when principle songwriters, Paul Anthony Arellano (formerly of Uprising) and Jennifer Robinson (formerly of The Fem&m’s) invited two friends from school (Kathleen Ogushi on drums and Kent Fernandez on bass) to form a band and CERAMIC HOLIDAY was born - a true Los Angeles native. The assemblage turned out to be magic and the band has been creating scores of rocking songs such as “Love Haze”, “Disappointed” and “Never” ever since.

In 1999, the band started playing Los Angeles clubs; their first show was at the legendary Al’s Bar. Since then, they’ve built a large local following and look to take their rocking live show to the world.