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Long Beach, California, United States | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
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"Cerebellion 'Inalienable'"

Over the decades, metal has become one of the most varied musical universes around. The single term can signify any different number of approaches, and the combination of strict formalism and potential innovation is a constant balancing act. On the front Cerebellion is a solid local example--their debut album is a collection where their roots are clear, but which also suggests where their future could go next. Inalienable is definitely an album that further confirms how late 1980s thrash has had a second sonic coming; there are plenty of points on songs like "Embrace the Imperfection" and "Breach of Security" where the band could almost be ...And Justice for All except with an actually audible bassline.

The hints of cryptic progressive rock throughout--time shifts, abstract lyrics about individuals lost in political and social constructions--further play up other sonic and aesthetic connections beyond simply cranking the amps. More than once they drop in delicate acoustic guitar breaks that are much more flamenco than feedback, especially on the excellent "Undeniable," perhaps the album's best song. Above all there's a great sense of how metal's sonic possibilities are more than ever something that new groups can easily grasp and explore--not a bad start at all for these four guys. - O.C. Weekly

"Cerebellion “Inalienable”"

Their musical influences run the gamut of metal, eclectic and alternative rock; however the product of Cerbellion (formerly Project1) is not borne out of those influences as much as is an organic manifestation of the band jamming and then overlaid by the lyrics of singer, Joe Arnold.

The recent release of their CD Inalienable is a demonstration of Cerbellion’s chemistry between its members; the synergy that can be created when a band works as one to produce a sound that isn’t confined by labels or genres. Many times when listening to an album, the riffs or maybe the beats sound similar from song to song. On Inalienable, you are presently surprised by the contrast of each track. If not for the distinction of Arnold’s voice, you would question if this was one band or a compilation CD.

My personal favorite on this CD is 8-We Rise Again. The song “Not the Final Destination” could just as easily appear on a great punk rock album, which is definitely not a knock. The musicianship can be heard on every track with each standing out more on certain tracks than others, but more often than not each shining at different breaks within each song. From acoustic to Flamenco the guitar work of John Arnold is great and the bass lines of Marc Battung are impressive. Jimmy Schultz (Cheva, New Eden, Psychosis, 3/13) once again comes through showcasing his timekeeping skills that fits well with the music. Together all these elements shell out some fantastic songs that vary in how you would classify them musically. With that in mind, regardless of where your musical tastes lie, there is something here for you.

Influence that can be heard through the CD is the influx of TOOL. While not with industrialization like Tool, the instrumentation with strong bass line underlying the crisp vocals of Joe Arnold and the layered arrangement of music makes you feel the influence in a harder setting. In listening to this CD, it is apparent that Cerebellion doesn’t just write music, but they write songs and yes there is a difference. If you are a metal fan that only likes the music of metal; the breakdowns, guitar riffs and solos etc., then Cerebellion may not be for you; however, if you want to hear a band that encompasses all those traits, yet still give you the lyrical message and feel of a complete song, the I urge you to pick up Cerebellion’s debut release. For more info visit them at www.cerebellion1.com. Their CD release party will be held at The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest, CA July 9, 2010.

- Hollywood Music Magazine


(2010) Inalienable - Debut Album, Top 10 Most Requested song "Just Under the Suface" on The Rock Station 107.1 in Kansas, Song "Undeniable" on regular rotation on HardRockRadioLive.com, Featured album on itunes New and Noteworthy (2010), Songs "Just Under the Surface" "Undeniable" and "Embrace the Imperfection" consistently voted into #1 and other top positions in MTV's Ourstage.com Monthly Song Competition.



Southern California metal band Cerebellion is not one to be ignored. The group’s unique approach to writing music is something of an anomaly these days. The best one could do at labeling them is to simply call them “metal” for they cover too broad a spectrum to squeeze them into one of metal’s sub-genres.

It is actually Cerebellion’s contempt for rules that drove the writing for their debut album, Inalienable. Yet, despite its creative diversity, critics agree that Cerebellion’s identity remains unwavered, delivering a cohesive sound throughout each of its songs. Don’t be mistaken; this is a heavy band by any standard! But expect to drive outside the lanes, onto the shoulder of the road during your journey. There will be moments where you drive completely off the cliff and float up into space before landing right back on the rocky road you started on. Inalienable is precisely that: a journey. It is an album, not a collection of songs, and is best when listened to in its entirety.

Critics have compared the band’s sound to Tool, Metallica, Alice in Chains, and Machine Head. Cerebellion also offers a distinct Flamenco/Latin flavor to the likes of The Gypsy Kings and Santana on tracks “Undeniable” and “Inalienable,” with allusions to the broader World Music scene on “Coexisting.” And while all of that is apparent upon listening, the approach to the wide diversity and flow of Inalienable can be pointed to the classic albums of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath from the early to mid-70s.

Receiving acclaim from fans and critics alike, Cerebellion has proven its worth with true music lovers. Several songs from their debut album have been voted into top positions on MTV’s Ourstage.com monthly competition, including a #1 Metal hit with “Undeniable.” It was also a featured Metal album on iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy.” Cerebellion was nominated for “Best Metal Newcomer of 2010” for Metalunderground.com’s “Best of 2010 Awards” alongside supergroup The Damned Things and Warbeast.