Cerebral Laceration

Cerebral Laceration

 Birmingham, England, GBR

Our music is a mixture of all the big metal bands that have come before us. We are based in Birmingham England the home of metal and this inspires us to once again make the city famous for its heavy music. Basically if Sepultura, Devil Sold his Soul and Machine Head had a baby it would be us.


I think what sets us apart from other bands is our sound it is really distinct. This comes from all the individual members who all write the music. There is four of us in the band and three of us sing lead and backing this give the band's sound more dynamism and lets us experiment more. The band has also got a lot of different cultures, Our bassist being British/Asian and our guitarist being Irish. We first formed in December 2009 and have been going since. We love playing live and giving it our all on stage. The audience feed off this and in turn we feed off the audience. Its is a postive cycle that always has us looking forward to our next gig.


Rude Awakening E.P. 2011

Conceived into Corruption E.P. 2011