Ceremonial Snips

Ceremonial Snips


With tunes that'll soak into your pores and raise you to your feet and a live show that'll knock you on your ass, we're not sure if we're sitting or standing here, are we?


It all started in the back row of dank theatre in the legendary Seaway Mall. The year was 1999, and our characters were all lined up, sitting there, as if waiting for something other than the feature presentation. As if they were waiting to take the next step into the rest of their lives. "Let's start a band!" That famous line that many of us have heard numerous times had been blurted out, and those worthy enough, answered the call. The Muff Ticklers were born! First Assignment: Go home and think of what instrument you..d like to play, keeping in mind you..re going to have to learn how to play it first. A few weeks had passed and the boys had tickled so many muffs they had to change their name to Ceremonial Snips.

September 2000 was a proud moment for the fellows as they released their first demo; "Love is a Good Smack on the Box". Apparently, 27 other people agreed with the message and prescribed themselves for a copy of the release. At this point the band's morale was so high... they took a year off. Some say this was to soak up the glory of their achievements, others may just have forgotten the band still existed. By the time 2002 came to be, everyone had been whipped back into shape with the writing, recording and releasing of the bands second demo, "The Skill to Kill". Hometown shows got bigger and better and the troupe thought it would be best to keep the ball rolling with their first real taste of the open road, the "Bucket O' Chicken Tour". A 10 day tour, ending up with a total of 4 shows and a lot of underage drinking. "The monkeys had been set free for the first time to roam wherever they please" had been heard several times over the course of the trip.

Determination, was achieved by 2003, when all eyes were opened to what the future has to offer. This was the first time producer Julius "Juice" Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero, City and Colour) and the Snips had been acquainted. "Holy shit these guys are serious!" is what the pro-Juicer had to say about this septet after their sessions. The result of this meeting was the 2004 release of the "Fuck the Pain, Bring the Noise" E.P. on Niagara Falls based indie-label Pink Skull Records (The Legendary Klopex, Murder Thy Maker). Van ridden and booze driven, the cr..e set out for more than 150 shows over 3 Canadian east coast tours, 1 cross-Canada tour and countless binges of weekend trekking across Ontario and Quebec. Add in a split 7" record with Montreal's The Delegates, 3 vans, 2 trailers, a night spent slumbering in the ditch, Peavey and Music Box endorsements, a spot on the Vans Warped Tour Ernie Ball Stage and Union/D-Tox stage, a whole lot of beers, a bunch of puking and more booze, and we've now arrived to present day.

The 2007 release of "Check Your Audio" is a celebration of the party that is lived on a daily basis by these radical minds. Recorded at Silo Studios in Hamilton, ON again with the pro-Juicer, all borders were removed to allow free range of the map. A sometimes lack of inspiration was always countered by an abundance of motivation. This clash of creativity that has been brought forth is not only to be heard, but also felt. An experience that must not only be read, but also seen in the flesh. Beneath the surface, there is a song for every soul, and this machine will not stop until everyone has found their own. When water turns to wine, toast to the good times, and join in on these righteous rhymes.


There's a bunch of early E.P.s that we don't consider to "count" towards this category. We'll just say they're this:
-Fuck the Pain, Bring the Noise EP 2004
-Snips/Delegates split 7" 2005
-Check Your Audio LP 2006/07
-Snips/Flatliners split *un-released fall 2008
-The Album LP *un-released spring 2009

Set List

Set list consists of tunes from Check Your Audio LP as well as unreleased songs from a new split record being released in the fall 2008.