Cerial Viktum

Cerial Viktum


Power Rock. Good edgy music, excellent tonal quality. Tight metal riffs with haunting melodies.


We are a three piece power rock band based out of Denver Colorado. Comming together three years ago we survived minor personell changes as Josie took over Vocal responsibilities last year.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our music as well as the broad appeal we have to many different audiences. We always try to provide a top notch show that may have family appeal.


We are currently working on our Debut CD Station Keepers due out sometime next spring. In the meantime we have released a four song EP available on request.

Set List

Lately we've been playing 45 min to 60 min shows. We can play 90 min worth of material if required. Our music is all original and includes the songs:

Soul Acceptance
Insides Out
Somethings Wrong
Day By Day
Broken Nose Jack
Jungle Funk
Face Plant
Momentary Saanity
Organ Donor
Tricky Disposition
What is it Now?
To Get You