Ceri James

Ceri James

 London, England, GBR

I'm generally classified as Alternative but more specifically my music contains elements of indie/pop/rock/punk/folk. I think my best assets are an ear for a good melody, heartfelt lyrics and a fairly original sound. I Reached the semi finals of Mike Pinder's Songwars.I've had FM Radio play in UK/US


"I'm a bit like Javis Cocker meets the Manics in a London pub with The Beatles propping up the bar..."
Formerly in London band Tuesday Heartbreak now following a solo career - was on the first Angular CD (which was voted No 1 compilation 2004 by NME) and more recently on the Raw and Unplugged in New X CD or (I LOVE N X) (Finished No. 6 in Rough Trade's best Compilations of 2005). Ceri compiled the Raw and Unplugged too. Has recorded with Gordon Raphael producer of The Strokes. Went on a mini Tour of L.A. in Nov 2005 supported Art Brut at the Echo on Sunset Boulevard. He plays regularly in Central London and South East London. Ceri has played on the same bill as bands/artists such as Art Brut, Glenn Tilbrook, Mark Morriss (Bluetones) and Pop Levi to name but a few.


Poor Little Rich Girl

Written By: Ceri James

She finds it so difficult to make new friends that she can trust
And she’s flying her way out to London this autumn again cause she thinks she must

And they’ll be cruel to her if they think she’s putting it on
They don’t believe they’re the ones who got wrong
And you can tell

She’s a rich girl on the beach alone
Who’s going to love her tonight
who’s going to take her home

Can’t see a reason to get a job well tell me what’s the point
If you can go anywhere in this world you want and your spoilt for choice

But it’s never been the same since her Daddy passed away
And there’s nothing left in Nice to make her stay

And you can tell

She‘s a little rich girl on the beaches in the South of France
Who’s gonna to love her tonight who’s going to make her dance

Looking out for who she needs saying that she got to marry
And settle down before she gets to Thirty three
And you can see

Poor little rich girl on the beach alone
Who’s gonna love her tonight who’s gonna take her home

This time is it going to last will she find her man
This time is it going to last

What Else Matters?

Written By: Ceri James

What else matters?
Life you give me something one day then the next you take it away
And the powers that be don’t know me but they have so much to say
Now I’m staring into the distance at a black and overcast sky
Am I just another hypocrite telling beautiful lies?
I’m afraid of what might never come to be
And is it bad religion not to know your enemy?
When there‘s nothing to fight for and you’ve forgotten to keep the score
When the glass get shattered will you believe in me
When there’s nothing left to say because it’s all pointless anyway
And what else matters in the end did you love me?
In the end did u love me?
You can looks deep inside of me with eyes unlike anyone
And whisper a million meanings on the edge of my tongue
But I’ve been drinking champagne lately with nothing to celebrate
Will I keep my promises or give too little much too late?
Outside there’s a war raging and I’m safe behind these doors
But there’s a rumour going round I’ve got nothing to give anymore
When there’s nowhere left to go because it’s been a worthless show
And the glass get shattered will u believe in me?
When there was nothing left to say because it’s all pointless anyway
And what else matters in the end Did u love me?
In the end did you love me?

What else matters?


Have released one album called Start And Begin on MileHighMusic June 2008. Three singles one with a band called Tuesday Heartbreak Aug 2007 and two solo March 2008/2009 . I've been on 4 compilation albums one of which was voted best compilation 2004 in the NME (National Music Express) Currently finishing second album with Gary Brady (Echo and the bunnymen) ready by Sept 2009.

Set List

40 mins - 9-12 songs