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Cero is an MC with rap skills not just in English but in Spanish and Spanglish. His raw unorthodox style & clever punchlines not only paint street telling story's of Latin America and Washington DC over Latin samples crossed over head nodding tracks with a real southern feel


Cero a Washington DC native of South American Descent is no rookie to the "Latin Urban" genre. Cero brings an original, grimey, radical spanglish flow. Whether delivering a positive message to empower people or reflecting on the negativity from his environments from Latin America to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. He is strong vocaly in his music and the movement behind it.

His grind started in Cali, Colombia just like a coffee bean waiting to get exported for the US. Influenced by Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, Outkast, and numerous others he developed a butchered like Spanglish flow giving him the name "Carnicero-007." In 1997 He smuggled his raw style back to the states where he connected with Tragiko, a Colombian MC from Chicago and began the group "Trafikantez”. They successfully released an independent album “De Calidad Por Cantidad”, and a video which was directed by Niche Studios (Big Pun Documentarys). They also budgeted and independently toured not to mention they created an extensive network. The group later disbanded due to creative differences. There music still gets radio play and fans request that the band reunites again.

His debut album “Sacrificio” was released under Ceromundo Music and is availble in stores and online (itunes). The album is Hip Hop Latino in its purest form with creative controversial Spanglish lyrics that take you on a ride from the 1st track to the last. Its subliminal message translates through a collection of party songs, battle lyrics, street anthems, and story tales. One of the songs “Nadie Sabe Nada” debuted in the top 10 Hip Hop en Espanol charts on Batanga.com. The single “Ponete Pilas” had a campaign which inspired Latinos to wake up and smell the café. The album includes production from Crooks Brothers, Tony Vinyl, Golden Chyld, Stretch and guest spots from artists like Calle Cardona, 4Esquinas, Dshon, amongst others. The album continues to move units in through out the states (MD, DC, VA, NY, FL, TX, CA, MA) and has even reached fans from Colombia all the way to Mexico City, Europe and Japan.

Fast-forward to 2005, Carnicero dropped the beef from his name and decided to start from scratch under the name Parcero or "Cero" for short. After attending the Art Institute of Washington D.C. he studied Multimedia and Graphic design. He also attended the Omega School of recording for Music Business. In 2006 he established Cero Mundo LLC which specializes in graphic design, promotion, music publishing, and marketing. He is the 1st artist to represent the D.M.V. at the Latin Rap Conference and the Latin Urban Mixx. His company helped pushed the careers of “Dj Dee Cash” by hosting partys in the upscale neighborhood of Bethesda and he is developing “Lainez” and emcee that has got featured in the Washington Post.

His second campaign and single was “Esto Ta Pesado” which was inspired by the imigration rallys in Washington DC after hearing local djs play reggeton. The song was so motivational that the Washington Post created an article about local DC Latin rap artists. Cero has collaborated with Mellow Man Ace (The Godfather of Latin Rap) and recorded “Recognize” released under "La Familia Vol. 1" Latin Thug / Koch records. He recently dropped a succesful mixtape “For Spanglish Marka Cero” hosted by Dj Cabezon, a well known Hip Hop Latino Mixtape Dj. The Video for the single "Trapiando" was shot in Medellin, Colombia. Cero is currently in the lab working on his next sophmore album which is being recorded at Listen Vision (D.C.’s number one recording studio). On this new album he promises to deliver music to a wider audience with hotter production and a fusion of Hip Hop, salsa, cumbia, and gogo that the listener will enjoy listening to. Cero is also one the organizers of "La Conekta" a monthly showcase that takes place in NYC, Boston, DC and opens the doors for upcoming Latino MC's. With his consistency and dedication it will only take zero seconds for the masses to know who Cero is


Hard Work

Written By: S.Echeverry / Cero Mundo Musica (BMI)

Main Hook
Esto ta pesado esto esto ta pesado, Esto ta pesado esto esto ta pesado
Esto ta pesado esto esto ta pesado, Esto ta pesado esto esto ta pesado
Mi trabajo esta duro y viene del bajo

Bridge Hook
Esta duro pero los culos se mueven, no diga que no
Mira que si se puede

Should I rap in English I said what fo man
Im not brittish I chop it wit that espanol man
Cooked spanglish rap, DC crack that’s my flow man
Colombianito perico im really bout ta blow man
Carnicero style rebanado cuando lo corten
Gringos no entiendo quieren que lo deporten
Un Nuevo orden mundial Pilas pa que se ponen
I got huevos, jalapenos a ver si se la comen
You wanna be hardcore despues que se la rompen
This is hardwork we live it like damn
Hasta la blanquitas don’t want a one minute man

Main Hook

Es hora que reconozca nos toca
A nosotros a brinca la rosca
Vengo con mi pana y tu no nos suporta
Por eso en la discoteka te ponemos el codo en la boca
Represento latino rap sammy sosa
Version Colombia respete la costa nuestra
Soy como una costra que se enfermenta
Y causa infection despues grangera despues la emputacion
Si senor asi es Dshon
Polvora combinada con licor Tu peor terror
Si aparentas tu diposicion
Tengo soldados a mi disposicion
Dime cual es tu version

Main Hook
Bridge Hook

Spanglish Ebonics

Written By: S.Echeverry

Watch out means trucha, The struggle es la lucha
I keep it dirty that means no ducha,
A Skank,es Una sucia ..A shank thats Un chuzo,
Carnicero means butcher Poco is little and a lot is mucho
I hear that yo te esucho If ya heard me Me escuchaste
I want that cake Quiero mi pastel
Te mastico I chew ya, Make some noise, haga una buya,
Te enseno hacerlo, or maybe I should school ya
Yeah, You and your whole crew, Eso es tu y tu corrillo
Esto es la verdad no mierdad I mean no shit that’s for real
That dro es mota, 5.0 es chota
That twat es chocha, Un soldado es a soldier
Ready for war listo para Guerra
Im hot calentado all night la noche enterra
Una perra is a bitch, un sapo is a snotch
Tripiar is to trip, animal is a brick y Una teta is a tit
a blunt es un puro, Tough guy that’s un tipo duro,
Pitbull already explain the meaning of Culo
Seguro as a safe / Cara cortadad that’s scarface
Chequiar is to check,My homies son mis parces
Federicco is a Fed / Jibaro is a hustler
Traqueto is a gangsta, Mi clientel son mis Customers
In on an other level otro nivel, If you ugly than we call you Fidel

We do it like this y lo hacemos asi
We do it like this y lo hacemos asi
We do it like this y lo hacemos asi
We do it like this y lo hacemos asi
Asi, Asi, Asi, Asi

Verse 2
Send the mules Mandame una mula
Your girl es mi jeva you call her your ruka
Clicka es The click, is she a HO we call her puta
Escupar is to spit if she fall in love ella es encula
Im not nice, no so soy bonito soy grocero
Ihat means Im nasty Im sincere soy Sincero
Mr Cero, Im something more like Gilbert Arenas
Impossible is nada I bring the rhymes traigo mis rimas
Godfather es un padrino, My godmother es “la madrina”,
No para don’t stop…It s a wrap asi termina
But I keep it movin sigo moviendo
Im on th grind Yo sigo Moliendo
I got bills to pay biles para pagar
If this is the shit cada rato puedo cagar
Naah this is easy Esto es demasiado facil
Cause We do it like this y Lo hacemos asi


Party En El Pueblo

Written By: S.Echeverry

Im going, going, back to back to Cali, Cali

Verse 1
Fijate bien esto es un dia normal
A dios le pido, mi camisa negra no se mancha
Con mi sangre, my blood es de vino y salsa
Camino con pies descalzo, Im fly en la casa
Today laundry service llega tarde
Heres la tortura Donde ‘tan los ladrones para dale
Gracias padre tengo fe en la tierra del olvido
Dejame entrar, the precio esta un poco carito
Han cogido la cosa con mis huellas del pasado
And I got silent weapons pa la guerra de los callados
Una.. aventura es mas bonita k la magia de tus besos
La rebelion de el preso es como
Evolutionary with a solution to every
Revolutionary, we been polutioned heavily
So escuche the melody, Esta Listo Medellin
Baranquilla, Bogota, Cali can you wild out
Come on

Cali pachanguero
Hay party en el pueblo
So mami shake yo cuerpo
Si yo le canto al mundo from cero mundo sera

Verse 2
Profundo se vive, jealouso estan por miles
Mujers hacen un Desfile, to see the realest
We the bad guys from en el cine I know u seen it
Mamita you en dem jeanes should be a crimen
Mi estilo esta libre como betancourt
Que bacano que mi lengua Esta tan cool
It’s Hip hop’s Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Like that story La siesta del martes
Im Taggin Wit da yellow blue and red markers
Te voy comer like a game of parques
And Im drinkin Aguila wit some Costenas
Si voy al monte no llevo lena
Vas a Llevar Arena para la playa
O cruzar la raya de bataya wit no metralla
Im higher que Avianca with that blanca
Se arranca la tanga, Este mundo me encanta

Verse 3
Dedicado to every vendedora de rosa
En la zona rosa, haciendo su cosa
Los djs en la Sexta, Haciendo sus mezclas
Los jefes y capos que viven sus extras
I can paint phatter pictures que botero
Si te gusta go get it y cogelo
So Cojelo suave im wit tha modelo
Im going for the goal so cuida el portero
Im in la fiesta & its jam packed like luggage
Im Romancin ya wit stones like Mike Douglas
In Cartagena you know hay lovers
But They nip tuck us like we all smugglers
No entiendo
Soy un parcero pa que el mundo sepa
Estilo café le damos choriza con arepa “epa”
Salud Esta copa de waro is for Juanchito
Los Niches, Los Verdesitos y Los Diablitos

Mi Diario

Written By: S.Echeverry

Mi Diario

(Old Record Spinning)
Hoy escribere en mi diario, que voy vagando por el mundo

Verse 1
Estas paginas abren mi mundo ideal
Para escaparme de mi vida real
Viajo a otro mundo donde puedo crear
Una obra que te estimula como sea
No ando con bandas, clickas, tampoco con maras
Just chicas like samantha, ana, sandra, y sara
Flow es tight como manos en bandas elasticas
Si praticas mi baras en cantinas, nadie se compara
Soy como un cantinero cuando te sirve la bara
Otros riman pero ello no tienen buena palabra
Algunos firmen por plata y no sirven para nada
So cuiden su fama por que lo que piden es drama

Gozate con mi diario, bombea ese radio
Un brindis a lo real, y lo falso se van atras

1st Hook
Yup soy loco y bailo en la lluvia
A tu coco te razacas con las unas
1st time ever go go con la cumbia
Y la pachanga sigue
Me Voy a vascilar con la tuya
A tu coco please no te rahunas
Y la pachanga sigue

2nd Hook
Hoy escribere en mi diario, que voy vagando por el mundo

Verse 2
Hoy escribire en mi diario sobre mis experiencias
Soy legendario me vale poco lo que pienseas
Tu odio me auyda
Mientras tu amor me saluda
El trago te cura
Y el boracho te hace burla
Los chistes son triste
Pero te pone feliz como Chrismas
Oiste mis chismes ? Nunca
No somos de las mismas, Mister
Mi cinta brinca causa chispas
Mata avispas con tinta
Son brinda un brindis To the linda Queen B’s
Y la bella gringis that save the green trees,
Muestran su g-strings y pinta sus pinkys
Se mueven a mi swing , while I drink to this

Gozate con mi diario, bombea ese radio
Un brindis a lo real, y lo falso se van atras

1st Hook
Yup soy loco y bailo en la lluvia
A tu coco te razacas con las unas
1st time ever go go con la cumbia
Y la pachanga sigue
Me Voy a vascilar con la tuya
A tu coco te razacas con las unas
Y la pachanga sigue

2nd Hook
Hoy escribere en mi diario, que voy vagando por el mundo

My poetry is deep
Ball around the world


Album: Sacrifio
Album: Firme y Paciente


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Set List

My set is usually 15 minutes