Certain DaZe

Certain DaZe

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Certain DaZe is an audience-friendly classic rock band that transcends generations and genres. Their psychedelic sound immerses fans from all walks of life, with soaring guitars, passionate vocals, and driving rhythm. They play originals and fan-favorite covers. So venture into Certain DaZe!


Classic 70's rock? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Pyschedellic? Grind the three together, fall into the rabbit hole, and follow us into a Certain DaZe! Their music transcends generations and genres by blending modern rock influences into time-tested classic rock grooves.

This Chicago-based band has been entertaining a wide variety of audiences since 2007. They have performed at notorious Chicago clubs such as The Elbo Room and Reggie's, as well as at summer festivals throughout the midwest. Whether the audience is young or old, everyone can enjoy the unique blend of the Certain Daze sound. The band focuses on performing original songs, but they have been known to play fan friendly covers to entertain ANY audience.

Certain DaZe recently released a self-titled EP, along with their first Official Music Video.

Their original music creates a mental landscape; the drums and bass form a solid earth beneath, the vocals lift you from the ground, and the soaring guitar solos elevate you to new heights. Listen closely and you can hear their souls connect, give into the music and your soul will drift to a whole new world inhabited by music and peace. Give into that Certain DaZe.


Certain DaZe EP, 2011

Set List

Opening Jam, Again, Open Question, Follow Me, D Blues Jam, Flashlight in the Dark, Tender Returnings, Greatnesss Drum Solo, Chill Jam, Weekend Lover, Rise to the occasion, Psychedelic Blues, Blues Song in G, Stay, Spring Idling, Free and Easily, Vision, Comfortable in Your Skin, Hidden, Optimistic View, Singer of the Land and Stars.

Sublime/April 29th 1992 , Red Hot Chili Peppers/Dont Forget Me/ Californication, Nirvana/Come As You Are, Jimi Hendrix/Purple Haze/Foxy Lady, The Doors/Back Door Man, INXS/Two Worlds Collided, The Beatles/Hide Your Love Away, Rage Against the Machine/Im Housin'.