Certain Stars

Certain Stars

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Certain Stars puts the rock back in indie rock. Their melodic powerpop and tight live performances make them a band to watch in 2013.


Milwaukee rock band, Certain Stars, forwards the melodic sound and powerpop of bands such as Cheap Trick and Big Star. Certain Stars' songs are catchy and full of melodic hooks.

Formed in 2003, Certain Stars has three CDs and a 7" single under their belt. 2012's "The Great Destroyer" has received great reviews and airplay, here and around the world. Milwaukee's 91.7 WMSE has put the CD in full rotation, and Portugal's Cowboy Cantor podcast has again cited Certain Stars as the rock band of the month (January 2013).

Previous releases include 2007's Wired for Sound, whose single "Can You Dig It?" was put into regular rotation on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, and won their "Kick Ass Guitar Riff of the Year Award". VirginDigital media put 2004's "Times Like These Call for Tambourines" in its "So Indie It Hurts"
webcasts, alongside industry favorites such as Pavement and Liz Phair.

Certain Stars puts a lot of energy into their live performances. Guitarist Chris Hernandez says "We take the live show as almost more important than the records themselves, because if people are seeing you and don't know your stuff, you want that 'wow' factor."


What everyone else is saying about Certain Stars-

"(The Great Destroyer) offers a profusion of hooks and vocal harmonies from the classic Big Star school of power-pop, but also subtly incorporates '70s-'80s corporate rock, alt country and punk to tuneful ends."
Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express

"(Wired for Sound) is a great rock CD with good songs, period. Certain Stars excel by not taking themselves too seriously while still being able to rock out. . . just good songs, unique personality and an overall fun CD."
RM- the Songcast.

"Certain Stars has made an album I can throw on in my car and just rock out to. It’s melodic pop in the vain of Big Star - very high energy, very simple, very driving and upbeat. It’s packed to the brim with crunchy guitars and chugging bass lines designed to get you dancing at a bar, or while cruising down the highway in June."
Matt Cohen- Delusions of Adequacy.


"The Great Destroyer" (2012, Cuba Libre Records)
"The Great Destroyer" b/w "Too Drunk To Dream"
(7"- 2012, Cuba Libre Records)
"Wired for Sound" (2007, Cuba Libre Records)
"Times Like These Call for Tambourines" (2004)

Set List

Two 45-50 minute sets of original music w/one cover per set. More originals and covers available upon request!

Set One
1. Wired for Sound
2. Can U Dig It?
3. Irony Rant
4. Walk Away
5. Ex-Members of a Band
6. Haunt Your House
7. Cake and Eat It Too Girls
8. Cover tune (Ramones, Big Star, Replacements)
9. Certain Girls
10. HighschoolAlloveragain
11. Slow Down Quickly
12. You're a Caution

Set Two
1. PS- Give Back My Led Zeppelin LPs
2. Poor Miss Peta-V
3. Boycott of the World
4. Take a Chance on Me
5. Quite the Production
6. Your Various Periscopes
7. Elks
8. Dirty Gurl
9. I Kinda Like the Rock 'n' Roll