Cerulean Giallo

Cerulean Giallo


Cerulean Giallo is a Bass/Drum duo from Denton, TX. Heavy, dark, progressive and melodic songs bathe the listener in aural ecstasy. For maximum sonic force, the bass uses a guitar string in place of an E string, and uses both a bass amp and guitar amp to creating a wide range of dynamics.


Consisting of Justin Talley (A Smile Full of Ale, Depths, Idiots) on bass/vocals and Brandon Young (Depths) on drums, Cerulean Giallo is a Progressive Psych band from Denton,Tx. Influences include everything from King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Goblin, Wolves in the Throneroom, Can, Zu and much more. Being a bass/drum duo we've tried hard to cultivate as big a sound as possible, utilizing both a guitar and bass amp for the bass guitar. Experimentation and improvisation is a large aspect of the songwriting process and carries through in live shows.