Cerulean Sound

Cerulean Sound


A combination of space rock, modern rock, and chill acoustic rock. Going for a new sound, and keeping an eye out for other people to add to this amalgamation of music.


Beginning in late 2005 Dave McManus began work on his first solo acoustic album, and began recording with Steve LaFashia (guitarist for Jealousy Curve) at Resonant Recording Studios in Havertown, PA. Dave, former singer of Superimposed, has played at most of the Philadelphia original music circuit venue's, as well as a growing number of clubs in New York City, and Washington D.C. and is now looking to expand even further with a newly polished solo act.

Dave has said before that he never wanted his name to be the name of a band or even if it's just him acoustic...too cocky that way, so Cerulean Sound was chosen as a "band" name. Another reason for a different name is that Dave is keeping an eye out for other musicians that might help complete the sound.

C.S.'s musical style spans in and out of different genre's. Most of the songs right now are written and performed on acoustic guitar, but there is much more ahead on the path for some of the songs already written, and songs that are forthcoming such as spacy guitar effects, tantalizing keyboards, drums, bass and violins.

Currently Cerulean Sound is looking for bass, lead guitar, and drums. Creativity is a must for anyone involved, and effects-junkies are just what this music needs. For more info about auditioning please message or email me. - CeruleanSound@gmail.com


"Speechless" by Cerulean Sound due out in early 2006

Set List

Fluorescent Green
In Two States at Once
Killer Eyes
Following Back In
Nothing More
Until I Fall Asleep
Forty 747's