BandHip Hop

With a flow like 2-Pac, and a heavy lyrical flow, makes Cesar stand out amongst many. In a city full of talent where it seems to be no answer to the voice of the hungry, comes a voice screaming louder than your Sunday school teacher.


His name, Cesar. Born in Columbia, SC, spending years moving from place to place, adapting to enviorments of the same, Cesar by far is one of the most fluent Artist in the city. He's devoted to keeping it simple and street. Cesar is a man gronded in his own princples in life. Progress!! He stays on subject and has an ability to not just paint a picture of lyrics, but sit you in the drivers seat of them as well. He brings a new beat to the industry. If you're looking for truth verses the glits, glamour, cars, women and clothes, than feast our ears on every drop lilne that Cesar has to throw at you.


Debut Album Who Is He??? With singles like Questions, Easy Money and Lord Knows.