Cesar Barbosa

Cesar Barbosa

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

It's like The Beatles as a Jazz Quartet playing Country.


Cesar Barbosa began his career as a session player. Saxophonist with jazz influences and has gained experience quickly. During his years at music school, being the only sax player, he was asked to play and record for many bands of different genres.
He has gathered a vast repertoire of songs and experiences to eventually acquire the confidence to go on stage, playing at venues in Brazil, Canada and Portugal.
Today, with his solo project, Cesar adventures in the guitar and sings songs somewhat differently, as can be heard in his new song “Você Não Understand” with the lyrics half in Portuguese half in English.

Set List

1. Chocolate with Feelings
2. Fire Alarm in Love
3. Your my One Dollar Bill
4. Você Não Understand
5. Love Fights