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Cesar Luciano

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
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Cesar Luciano @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



The first leak from Cesar Luciano’s The Great Depression project. The Providence, Rhode Island will release his forthcoming mixtape on March 22. Thoughts? - youheardthatnew.com

video - HipHopPulse.com

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Cesar Luciano is one of my favorite on the rise new cats so I’m happy to present to you his new mixtape “The Great Depression.” Trust me, it won’t make you want to slit your wrist. - wegoinin.com

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We dropped a few leaks from Cesar Luciano over the past few months and though this mixtape was originally supposed to drop back in March, it has finally been liberated. Check this one out… - Kevinnottingham.com

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One of the projects that I was personally looking forward to has officially dropped after a few delays. The 12-track mixtape is available as a free download.

“Cesar Luciano is a new artist who was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and spent his childhood in the Bronx, NY (Boogie Down) and now resides in Providence, Rhode Island.”

I’ll start off by saying this did not disappoint. In fact it’s easily a top 10 mixtape so far that I’ve heard this year. It’s on the shorter side, but you won’t have to skip over any.

Sickest: “If The World Falls”

Too Sick: “Without A Sound” | “All Gone” | “Let Go” | “Almost Doesn’t Count” | “The Reminisce”

So Sick: “The Great Depression” | “Someday (I Made It)” | “Leave Me Alone”

Sick: “Deep Thoughts” | “Makin Love”

“If The World Falls” has been practically on repeat since I listened. It stands out to me from the rest of the sickness so it legitimately is too sick. ”Without A Sound” features Sia. It may be more of an emo/depressing song but shows his skills. It’s not easy all the time to get personal and spread feelings like that through words in music. I gotta say it’s easy to grab my attention with a simple piano beat and some bass going through it. That’s exactly what he does on “The Reminisce” (and the song plays out just as the title implies). On “Almost Doesn’t Count” he speaks of his battles/relationship with alcohol. The previously released “All Gone” and “Let Go” both have that sound that should appeal to everybody.

I really can’t say enough about this tape. Hopefully this kid has a lot more for us on the way. The future is bright. For more information on Cesar Luciano check out…

Twitter: @CeezLuciano

http://www.ceezluciano.com/ - Too Sick Muzik


For Your Love (FreEP)
Black Thursday mixtape
The Great Depression (FreEP)



Hip-hop has never been so populated. On every corner there are an abundance of artists hoping to get their music heard, aiming to be the next big thing on a major’s books yet the majority of these fail to make any impact and it isn’t through want of trying. Making it in any genre these days takes a certain person, a person who has as much understanding about the business and themselves as they do about laying down a verse and recording a hook.
Enter Cesar Luciano, the New York native, the Rhode Island adoptee, the lyrical wordsmith who has already garnered the attention of some of the most recognized media platforms known to the Hip-Hop community. Privy to his fair share of life’s struggles, Cesar stepped foot into a make shift studio seven years ago and has yet to look back. Nurturing a hobby into a full-blown profession is never an easy option for the most astute of rappers, but for Cesar it was a given.
Generating a buzz is something Cesar doesn’t shy away from. Being that he might not be living within the boundaries of a major Hip-Hop hub, he doesn’t see his location as a hindrance to his musical progression. Rhode Island might not offer up as many opportunities as New York or Atlanta but when you are as hands on and determined as this potential household name, the geography is just gravy.
Armed with a fierce vocabulary and a capability to make any sound his own, it wasn’t long before the youngster was dabbling in a bit more than freestyles over industry beats. His effortless flow and ability to connect with his forever expanding audience has seen him perform in various, clubs, colleges and events throughout his home state.
It was while performing at the Rhode Island College that Cesar got to perform in front of 9th Wonder. Considering this one of the highlights of his career thus far, Cesar has a strong understanding of what it takes to make his music stand out which is why he caught the attention of such a revered industry professional as 9th Wonder.
Cesar Luciano linked with New York indie label Gemstars LLC in 2010 and with two reputable mixtapes to his credit in 2011, he has been consistent with his product.On ‘Black Thursday’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Great Depression,’ Cesar stayed close to home with the production utilizing the skills of his cohorts and labels in-house production team. The response was positive from websites such as XXLMag.com and infamous Hip-Hop blogger KevinNottingham.com , so it was inevitable that another project would be presented before the sun set on 2011, enhancing the thousands of downloads he already he has to his credit.
‘Catch Me If You Can’ solidifies everything Cesar stands for as an artist. This third chapter of Cesar’s recording history will see him team up with the likes of Esso, Neako, and Kid Daytona. His fusion of soulful beats and heartfelt tales which people of all walks are able to relate to makes him rise above that abundance of artists who won’t get past the corner. Cesar is establishing his own blue=print as opposed to regurgitating the sounds which have dominated Hip-Hop over the last few years. He is willing people to keep up with him on this new mixtape. Failing that, it will be a case of them forever being in the shadows of the rapper known as Cesar Luciano.