A blend of Caribbean folk music, influenced by classical styles and alternative ideas. Its ocean-acoustic music. Its contemplative, honest, relaxed and simple.


Born and raised on the lively twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Francesco discovered his passion for the guitar at age 13 and he has been cultivating his love for more than 16 years. Trained in classical and flamenco music, Emmanuel quickly incorporated elements of classic and alternative rock into his style.
His first taste of band life came at age 16 with the group Warhead (playing heavy metal covers), By 18, he formed the band Brothers Grimm. This time the vibe was much more alternative rock. Emmanuel soon discovered his love of song writing. As one group disbanded (Brothers Grimm called it quits in 1996), another quickly emerged. Big Eyed Grieve was Emmanuel’s last group effort, formed in late 1996. Playing a unique hybrid of progressive rock, funk and grunge, the band played on for six years. After Big Eyed Grieve disbanded in 2003, Emmanuel embarked on a solo career. In July of that year, he debuted his solo material (which is now featured on One Man) at a pub in Trinidad. The night was a success and a personal triumph for Emmanuel. In September 2003, he immigrated to Canada to further his musical pursuits.

After playing for nearly seventeen years, Emmanuel’s style has evolved to encompass classical melodies, jazz, funk, flamenco, folk, pop and most genres of rock. Emmanuel has also taught guitar and mentored to many aspiring young musicians. To date he has played at several venues including Clintons, The Silver Dollar, The Black Swan and Healey’s. In a new county, looking to pursue a lifelong dream, with Emmanuel, one thing is for certain; when he plays, everyone listens.


May I?

Written By: Francesco Emmanuel

May I compliment your shoes
Matches perfectly with your eyes
And after I've paid my dues,
May I return sometime

Really don't know how much time I have, but it matters not..
The question still stands, may I do what it is I like?

Can I take your hand?
And what would be the price?
May I ask your name?

Really don't know how much time I have..but it matters not
The question still stands
May I do what it is I like, with you?

Same Mistake

Written By: Francesco Emmanuel

Must I make the same mistake, all over again
And will I feel the pain as I did back then?
And I swear to you, it hurts more as the years go by, I feel my hope die

What can I learn from this mistake, how can I make things right?

I try to right my wrongs, but they keep on coming on strong,
And the only lesson I've learned, is that I'm only human

Yes I make too many mistakes

Speak my mind

Written By: Francesco Emmanuel

Why can't I express what I feel inside?
My mouth opens but no words follow
And yet again I dread to regret, this moment so anticipated now but lost

My heart's in my mouth, now it's time to talk

Deep within the depths of my soul, I live
Alone, frightened, and deserted
Behind the lie of a smile are the tears of a clown
Just one more chance and my soul would fly

My heart's in my mouth, now it's time to talk

Close my eyes, take a deep breath and pray for strength
Hope and persistance, will see me through
Don't fail me now, faith is all I got
I've got to speak, but first I must silence my biggest disturbance...


EP 'ONE MAN' released 2003
Single "Illusion of a dream"

EP "ONE Man & His guitar released 2004
Single "May I?"
Single "Waiting"

New EP release "The April Morning Sky Sessions" 2005 to be out soon
Single "May I?"
Single "Same Mistake"

My music can also be heard on the following sites:- http://www.newmusiccanada.com/genres/artist.cfm?Band_Id=13111.My music is also up for broadcast each weekend on CBC Radio 3 on Radio 2, Saturday 7pm-4am and Sunday mid-4am. Playlists may be found at http://www.cbcr3.com, click "Table of Contents" on the left hand side. Each list is displayed hour by hour. I'm also listed on http://www.broadjam.com, I can be found by doing a search for my name under "Artist"

Set List

Set List
Total time: 1 Hr

The Illusion of a dream (Original)
Resist (Cover - RUSH)
Waiting (Original)
The Difference (Cover- King's X)
Turmoil & Peace (Original - instrumental)
Crash (Cover - Dave Matthews Band)
Green (Original)
I will not take these things (Cover - Toad the wet sprocket)
Corridor of Light, Power to Ignite (Original)
Fake Plastic Trees (Cover - Radiohead)
Head over Heels (Cover - Tears for Fears)
Atmosphere (Original - classical piece)
Comfortably Numb (Cover - Pink Floyd)
Speak my mind (Original)
Redemption Song ( Cover - Bob Marley)

I can also do a second set for same duration, with more originals and covers by Travis, Elton John, ColdPlay, REM, U2, Live, Pearl Jam