Post-rock music having both an aggressive and ethereal quality- influenced by Rock, Classical and Drum 'n' Bass.


Cetacea hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., blending various influences to create an inspiring new sound in modern music. A sound that has been described as both “epic” and “enchanting.” Noticeable influences include U2, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, but the band is influenced by many different kinds of music including Rock, Classical, Ambient, and Drum ‘n’ Bass. A frenetic rhythm section pounds and pulses under ethereal guitars, strings, and keys, all while uplifting, melodic vocals soar in and above the swells of the music. Their songs deal with the human emotions spurred by living in a turbulent and changing world, while trying to keep hope and passion alive. The lyrics explore the connection and disconnection from the cycles of nature, as well as within the human body itself. The soul, talent, and passion of this band are undeniable. They recently released their first recording of original material, an EP entitled, “CETACEA.”

Cetacea consists of four members from diverse and distinct backgrounds. In 2003, the band was born out of an impromptu jam session in a Brooklyn brownstone. “We set up the drums and amps in the living room, started playing, and it was magic,” says Cetacea singer Todd Michaelsen. “It was as if we had always been playing together. It was the first warm day of spring and after that jam we all walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, giddy and high from the music we had just created.” Just 2 years later, they have amassed a loyal New York following and are excited to finally release their first recording. Cetacea got their name after their drummer, Rajeev Maddela, saw the word at an exhibit in New York's Museum of Natural History. "Raj called me from the museum all excited and suggested the name to me. We thought it fit perfectly because it identifies with our sound,” explains Todd Michaelsen. " Cetacea is the classification for the order of mammals which contains whales, dolphins and porpoises. These creatures sing underwater and communicate with one another through eco-location. They navigate with sound waves. It's just really incredible to us."

Todd Michaelsen, the band’s singer/guitarist, drives the group with his energetic and passionate performances that demand the audience’s immediate and urgent attention. He sings with a rich, melodic style ranging from soft, intimate whispers to all out primal screaming. His driving rhythm guitar is delivered live through two different amplifiers to envelop the stage in sound and pulse. Todd is from upstate N.Y. and moved to New York City in 2002. He had previously been in a band, while in college, with Cetacea bass player, Chris Vidiksis. The two have known each other for over six years and share a chemistry and passion for one another’s music.

Chris Vidiksis began his love affair with music at the age of 5 after being introduced to his great-grandmother’s piano. As a youngster, he became proficient at playing the trombone and baritone, and soon translated his knowledge of music into teaching himself to play the bass guitar. He also served as first chair Double Bass player in both the Binghamton and Drew University Orchestras. His natural ability to adapt to any musical environment with immediacy and thoughtfulness is realized in Cetacea’s fascination with a wide spectrum of musical interests. Locking in with Cetacea drummer, Rajeev Maddela has proven a successful challenge for Chris. The two are from the same high school in Staten Island, N.Y. and occasionally had played together in the years leading up to Cetacea.

Rajeev Maddela delivers a unique drumming style that pushes and unites the sound of the band into new territory. Well experienced in many styles, he has attained his own dynamic approach to rhythm, which serves as the creative foundation for the rest of the band. Rajeev can play both delicately intricate melodies as well as aggressive tribal rhythms, often at the same time. His fondness for Broken Beat, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and Rock give the band their ability to explore diverse realms of sonic space. He regularly plays a variety of percussion instruments including the tablas and his new toy, electronic V-Drums. He was a member of various drum and bugle corps for many years and currently teaches percussion to award winning high school marching bands. Rajeev also produces lush, expansive IDM music that will soon surface in Cetacea’s sound.

Lenaé Harris, Cetacea’s keyboardist/cellist, is an invaluable asset to the band. She glues the entire sound together with graceful, melodic playing inspired by her experience with both classical and modern music. Raised in Chicago, Lenaé received a B.M. in Musical Composition from DePaul University and later, an M.A. in Music Performance and Composition at New York University, with a concentration in scoring for film and multimedia. Her talent is immense and diverse. She composes for many different instruments, including the piano and cello. Lenaé also explores the



Written By: Todd Michaelsen

There's a storm within your eye
Its thunders with the tide
Pulling currents out to sea
Its caught and taken me

But I do not feel afraid
As I tumble through these waves
I know if I just keeping floating you'll come and bring me to

To the center of your being
There' s a calm within your storm
To reveal your sacred secrets
To reveal a thousand more

And you will call on love to guide you

Come and strike your white lightning
into my pulsing veins
No it doesn't feel strange
We're one, we are one in the same
And theses forces try to break this bond that we have made
But they could not ever take, we're one, we are one in the same

So as lovers we stand naked, and as enemies we'll war
Cause they still believe in Heaven
But what if there's nothing more?

That's when you call on love to guide you

Let it guide, Let it guide

I feel time fall around me
as our bodies unite
I give you all that's inside me
Two universes collide

And you will call on love to guide you

Colors blend, I hear colors blending into one
Colors blending, I want colors blending into one, one, one, one


Written By: Todd Michaelsen

Its coming down from the heavens
coming straight to my soul
its the song that we all know
that we sang when we were born

It's the cry of the heavens
When a body is filled with a soul
We're a part of a mystery
Can't you hear it call let it flow, let if flow

Someday we'll find a world colorblind
Until then we fight, if we are going to live inside, inside of beauty

Coming down from the Heavens
Coming straight to my soul
Sounding just like a symphony
I can hear it sing in me

Its the cry of the Heavens
when a body is filled with a soul
We are a part of a mystery
Can’t you hear it call let it flow, Flow

Warm sun, lift me up, pull me in with your gravity
If this miracle is ever burning then explode me into infinity

Won't you explode me into infinity
Explode me


Written By: Todd Michaelsen

The Himalayan beaches are crowded, we stand upon them waiting for you to come
We welcome all here with open arms, this is the last place left in the sun
I had this dream and these mermaids were singing
They sounded sweet I had marvelous visions
One took me under to give me wisdom from all of the ancient human kingdoms
buried long ago in sorrow
Wake me I cannot breathe
But she held me down, and she sang to me
and she held me down, and she sang beneath

You carve your way through a world growing colder as it warms
There is still some wonder to be found and shared so explore
promise me you'll try, promise me you'll find

I am not afraid to bathe in your sound
in your sound, I’m safe in sound, safe in sound


Cetacea EP - 2005

Set List

A typical show lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, but we can play all night long when given the opportunity. We play all original songs.