Cetan Clawson

Cetan Clawson


Rock and Psychedelic Soul. Fuzz and Feedback-drenched Detroit blues 100% guaranteed to melt faces and cause much loudness


The stratocaster has been a fixture in Cetan's hands since the age of three. Now twenty years old, and backed by veteran rhythm section Adam Padden and Danny Pazuchowski, these underdogs of the Detroit blues scene present a classic mix of fuzz, feedback and reverb in a fiery blend of verve and vitality that could only have been influenced by a love for late 60s artistry and a healthy dosage of Cream, Dylan, Zeppelin, and the Mars Volta. With the independent release of White Heat, the three slugged it out on Detroit's club circuit. There are no fireworks, no pyrotechnics - the performances are real, the authentication and acknowledgement of the blues's artistic lineage. Amidst an industry that rewards convention and decries innovation, Cetan Clawson and co. bring to to the table both a spectacular live performance and quality musicianship. The band is recording its next full-length project in Nashville, TN, titled The Feedback Gospel. The trio plans to bring it on home this summer at a live show near you. Can you dig it?


White Heat (2006)
The Feedback Gospel (2009)

Set List

Mix of originals and several cover songs, performed to suit the venue and the crowd, from readhouse style electric shows, to outdoor festivals, to acoustic in-houses.

Originals: Prologue, Every Day Blues, White Heat, Sweet Gin of the Starry Eyed Girl, Indie Prizefighter, Letter to the Exiles, etc.

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - (Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland)
Dazed and Confused - (Led Zeppelin I)
Lemon Song - (Led Zeppelin II)
Sunshine of Your Love (Cream, Disreali Gears)