Cetan Clawson and the Soul Side

Cetan Clawson and the Soul Side


The Cetan Clawson Revolution’s eclectic style shatters the barriers between vintage psychedelia and feedback induced indie/rock, fusing an original sound and explosive live act.


Within months of White Heat’s release, it garnered international attention of radio broadcasts from Amsterdam radio (88.3 fm- Radio Patapoe), Radio Coteaux 99.7 (Toulouse, France) to Philadelphia/NJ Radio 91.7 fm. Even before recording the White Heat project with Soul Side in 2006, Cetan and his team were already veterans of hundreds of stages across the metro-Detroit area, opening for some of the best in national and regional entertainment, such as Bad Company, The Dirty Americans, Deborah Coleman, and Gunner Ross and TNT, Madcat Ruth, Sheri Kane, Chubby Carrier, and more, where they had ample time to develop their stage act and showmanship.

With the new lineup, the Revolution, eighteen year old Cetan and his new group are gradually expanding their fanbase and reputation across the Midwest U.S. The new EP is due for release in early 2007. Intense rehearsal/recording schedules, decisive self-booking, and relentless show dates, (thanks go out to the developing street teams in every city TCCR actively plays in), and the intensity of their live act all plays a part making a name that is earning new fans show by show, in an ever-increasing regional radius. The end result is raw, explosive onstage artistry characterized by blistering renditions of vintage songs, in perfect marriage with the freshness of new compositions and the experimentation of new ideas in song structure and tonal verve. For music lovers who are tired of fluff, teenibopper pop, and commercialized glam, dig this.


Singles: White Heat, Short Fuse
Radio Play: 88.3 Radio Patapoe, 97.7 Toulouse, France. Radio Belgium, Radio Argentina: (details to be confirmed). soon: 91.7fm Philadelphia/NJ Radio
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Additional Information:

Set List

Typical set length ranges anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on the number of acts booked.

Lemon Song
The City's on Fire
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Saints and Poets
Tequila Mockingbird
Waves of the Black Sands
White Heat
Indie Prizefighter
Short Fuse
Killing Floor
Third Stone from the Sun

and of course the typical Hawaiian Country Rap Hip-hop Acoustic death-metal blues sonata.