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Our Mission Statement
Energy. Honesty. Passion. These are the attributes that we in Cethkyn demand of ourselves when we write and play our music. In a scene and industry focused more on demographics and money, there has been a noticeable decline in heartfelt and genuine music, across all genres. There was a time when being part of a scene meant being part of a family, and egos took a back seat to the music, and sense of community it brought about. And now within our genres, we continue to draw lines and sub-categorize ourselves to the point of being creatively smothered. Our goal is to break free from these categories while still maintaining the very attributes of the music that we love and that have inspired us to play. We believe that the message of music is anything for anybody.

Our goal is to bring the positive aspects of our influences into our music and shows. The energy and do-it-yourself mentality of the punk rock scene, the passion and integrity of the hardcore scene, the intensity and technicality of metal, and the freedom to explore all that the other genres offer. We want to play as many shows, with as many people as possible, all while paying our dues along the way. There is no rock star mentality with us and we encourage all listeners to approach and meet us. Music has brought people from different walks of life together in the past, opening each other’s minds to different thoughts and concepts all while having fun and enjoying themselves. We still fervently believe in its power to do so now. This is our mission, this is our dream. Anything for anybody.

The History of Cethkyn
The origins of Cethkyn began 10 years ago in the small town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Having a shared interest in heavy music, high school classmates Matt and Kevin formed a metal band. Originally named Medication, the band name was changed to Cethkyn (pronounced Seth-kin) after learning that another band shared the same name. Cethkyn is a word that was made-up to ensure a unique name and to limit copyright infringement. After numerous lineup changes, Cethkyn moved to Milwaukee in the early 2000s.
In 2003, Dan joined the band on bass and Casey rounded out the lineup on drums. While performing around the Milwaukee area, Casey and Dan were contacted by their high school buddy Adam. After serving in the Army with a tour of duty in Iraq, Adam had recently been discharged and purchased a house in Orlando, Florida, and needed roommates. Looking to increase their opportunities for shows and exposure, the band decided to move to Orlando in 2004.
With Matt on vocals, Dan on bass, Kevin and Casey on guitars, and Adam on drums, Cethkyn began writing new music and performing around the Orlando area. In 2005, Casey moved back to Wisconsin and Cethkyn continued to perform as a 4 piece. Wanting to thicken out the sound, the band continued searching for a 2nd guitarist. In early 2006, Adam was contacted by his old Army medic Travis. Travis and Adam first met in 2002 and started a punk rock band while serving in the Army together. With the final piece of the puzzle in place and a renewed focus and passion, Cethkyn has been non-stop in trying to forge a scene of honest, intense music.