Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Ceumar is unique. She has a fresh and pure approach to music. Despite language barriers the international audience really feels her music and understands her message. She is not a typical cliche Brazilian singer : she is a very gifted storyteller.


The Brazilian singer-songwriter CEUMAR started her professional music carreer in 1995 when she arrived in São Paulo. She brought her influences from Minas Gerais with her passion for simple melodies, poetic lyrics and acoustic sounds. The guitar is her partner to recreate traditional songs and perform new contemporary compositions.
She already produced 6 albums and participates actively in varied projects and collectives in Brazil and abroad.

Her first cd was produced by the popular Brazilian artist Zeca Baleiro and brings a pure mix of traditional Brazilian music written by old and contemporary composers such as Luiz Gonzaga with unreleased songs composed by Chico César, Itamar Assumpção and Zeca Baleiro.

With her cd 'MEU NOME' Ceumar proves her live strength and emotions. This solo-cd is already considered to be one of the best contemporary ( a subtle mix af Brazilian folk, pop, jazz & samba ) albums from Brazil! Recorded completely live in the FECAP-theatre in the heart of Sao Paulo, Ceumar shows why she is so popular : with only a voice and her guitar she takes the audience into the wonderful colored world of Ceumar with own compositions and lyrics. Telling about beautiful colors, love, saudade. But always she sings direct from the heart.

In 2010 Ceumar released a new cd 'Live in Amsterdam' with pianoplayer Mike del Ferro, Olaf Keus (drums) and Frans van der Hoeven( bass).

The latest cd is 'Sons do Brasil - Dindinha' (2012) which was produced by the UK-based recordlabel Arc-Music. This cd contains the greatest songs performed and recorded by Ceumar during her carreer.


Feliz e Triste

Written By: ceumar & kleber albuquerque

Feliz e Triste _ Ceumar / Kléber Albuquerque

Eu acho que estou feliz e triste
Tudo o que eu tenho cabe
Na minha mão
E eu te dou de coração
E eu te dou de coração

Eu não preciso de nada
O mundo é minha casa
O céu é minha camisa
Estrelas vestem meus pés
Eu não preciso de nada
Estrelas vestem meus pés

Gira de Meninos

Written By: ceumar & sérgio pererê

Gira de Meninos _ Ceumar / Sérgio Pererê

Deixa a madeira cheirosa queimar
Deixa a fumaça subir
Hoje eu quero cantar e cantar
Para os meninos daqui

E se os meninos de lá
Podem ouvir minha voz
Que lancem o seu olhar sobre todos nós

Canto pro povo daqui
Canto pro povo de lá
Giro entre as linhas da terra e do ar

Conto as estórias daqui
Pros meus amigos de lá
Pois vejo estrelas no céu e no mar


1 DINDINHA (2000)
3 ACHOU! (2006)
4 MEU NOME (2009)

Appears in:

Kokoura - Anitie (2009)
Mike del Ferro Trio (2013)

Set List

The set list consists of original songs written and performed by the artist Ceumar mainly from the latest album MEU NOME. Also songs by Zeca Baleiro, Luis Gonzaga, traditional and folk songs from Minas Gerais ( region in Brazil) .Usually 1 set of 90 minutes.