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"Review of "Shirts vs Skins" track on Digital Side of the Moon CD."

CeyJay...breaks some rules to interesting effect... is interesting and eerie enough to have the listener hanging on every word. - Providence Phoenix

"Customer reviews of "Bittersweet Morsels" CD on amazon.com"

DP Olson (Washington, DC) -
Two things greatly missing from music today are lyrics that tell you some kind of story (somebody got paid to write "Bye Bye Bye" over and over?) AND hooks that aren't gimicks repeated ad nauseum with deadening effect. This fresh release has both. I've found myself driving down the street and little bits and pieces of his songs will pop into my head and I find myself WANTING to hear the entire song again. As for the lyrics, they are open enough that I think everyone will have that 'I can totally relate b/c XYZ happened to me' feeling even if their interpretation is not the 'story behind the music.' This is one of those CDs that if you take the chance, you'll be really surprised.

"ucipalo" (Long Beach, CA United States) -
CeyJay's CD is a great work. The songs grab a hold of you and stay with you. I find myself humming and singing to them throughout my day even when i do not listen to it. I carry a copy in my car at all times and on my IPOD as well. He is a real talent and will go very far in the industry. Definately get in on this from the ground floor. His voice is so amazing and his talent on the piano is soothing. Definately worth your money. Original and refreshing! - amazon.com

"Bands Reviews"

Heard about this kid once, looked on his website, Gave it a listen, and I think he's really good. Not the greatest fan of the mellow music, but flows well, a little progressive. Very unique. I don't hear music like this much. He deserves some complements for his music. - bostonbands.com


"Bittersweet Morsels"- Debut independent EP
"Digital Side of the Moon"- Big Noise Records compilation
"Down Along This Road"- Eliot Popkin (co-written track on CD)



Singer/songwriter/pianist/dancer/choreographer/model. CeyJay originates from Chicago and currently resides in Los Angeles. A trained musician since age 7, he has been performing most of his life through choir, recitals, musicals/theatre. He moved on to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College of Music graduating with honors with a double degree in songwriting/music business. He added on dance experience as a choreographer and member of hip-hop/jazz funk company Rainbow Tribe performing in venues as large as the Boston Garden Center. The following subsequent years were spent playing shows throughout the New England area, most notably the CMJ Magazine Musicfest in NYC in 1998. He was discovered by Big Noise Records in Providence, RI that released his first song "Shirts vs Skins" on their compilation CD "Digital Side of the Moon". CeyJay went on to release his first independent EP "Bittersweet Morsels" which continued to sell out at retail chains and earned praise from local press. He then moved out to Los Angeles to further pursue his art. He is currently a freelance model/actor, and a member of two dance groups, Dance Planet and Fusion Entertainment. He is playing solo acoustic shows locally.

The CD "Bittersweet Morsels" was on the ballot to be nominated for the 2006 GRAMMY AWARDS for Record of the Year "Shirts vs Skins", Album of the Year "Bittersweet Morsels", Song of the Year "Do" and "Shirts vs Skins", Best New Artist, Best Male Vocal Performance "God Save This Queen", and Best Pop Vocal Album.